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    Music Match

    Look at Little Sister- Stevie Ray Vaughan
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    Music Match

    Screaming for Vengeance - Judas Priest
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    Music Match

    A farewell to kings- RUSH
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Uncle Cornies Gourd

    Mash- 156* 60 Minutes 1 lbs Rice Hulls 6 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US 8.0 oz Caramel/Crystal Malt - 60L 8.0 oz Victory Malt 0.94 lb Graham Cracker (1- 15oz Box, Plain) 1.81 lb Libby's Pumpkin Pie Filling (29 oz Can) Boil- 0.30 oz Magnum [11.60 %] (60 min) 8.0 oz Brown Sugar, Light...
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    Cut new growth?

    2nd year. The biggest are already 7+ feet high. Just wasn't sure if I wanted the sidearms so low to the ground. All the trimming of shoots have been root based growth, after I had my 5-6 per plant. Some of the shoots have been breaking ground more than a foot away from the plants. I let...
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    Cut new growth?

    I have been trying to keep up with pruning new shoots from the ground, and am keeping all leaves stripped for the first 2 feet. But should I be cutting these sidearm things in that same range?
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    Air lock

    You'd have 0.0000000000001% alcohol content
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    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    Not sure what was said before and after, but is there any context that makes it appropriate to say- "That's not even beer, its like water" while holding a Michelob Ultra?
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    Preventing boil-overs

    I watch the pot like a hawk til it starts foaming , I let the foam come up an inch or so and then lift the pot off the heat till the foam drops.
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    ABV Low WHY?

    Could the combined 5# 12 oz of Crystal 80 and cara-pils also have something to do with it? Also boiling from 9 gallon down to 7.5 and then "starting the boil". Would seem to be quite a bit of caramelizing happening.
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    One Entrepreneur Wanted.

    Well crap. I've only brewing for 2 years, but I'm 23, so I guess that means I know everything about brewing. WHY DIDN'T I KNOW THIS? And why am I still listening to all you old people. Oh well.
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    Bottling Lager

    I'm planning to bottle my lager tomorrow. It's at 51 degrees. If I move it upstairs tonight, to 68*, do I still use the lesser amount of priming sugar. Or do I prime at normal rates. Or, do I split the difference. Beer Smith breaks it down like so- 51*- 3.28oz 68*- 4.12oz Should I just...
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    TV Shows you've given up on.

    Deadliest Catch. Phil died, Sig went soft, Edgar retired, and they started over producing it. First few seasons were great because they still had a rawness to them.
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    My Efficiency Went Down?

    Process didn't change, only batch size did. I know my crush is better than the lhbs. Their's is almost 40% whole, untouched kernels. I did not top off, all the numbers are based on pre boil, not post.
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    My Efficiency Went Down?

    Second attempt at AG. First was a 5 gallon oberon knock-off at 65%. This one is a 2.5 gallon pale ale. Did everything the same as last time, just smaller, and hit my temps perfectly. Just slightly undershot volume, but not my much. And that's where the good ended. Once everything was together I...
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    What is that copper flavor?

    This may sound nuts, and may not be applicable to your situation, but try wiping the bottle lip with a paper towel. The Only time I've ever tasted serious metal flavor there was a slight bit of oxidation on the glass from the cap. A little really screwed up the flavor. Now I almost always clean...
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    Questions about readings on first AG

    Just finished my first mostly all grain(added 2# Light DME to use up some of the bulk on hand, and fit with 5 gal Mash Tun) and everything went fairly well. Just have a few questions about my numbers. Grain bill was- 4#- Red Wheat 2#- Two Row 12oz.- Munich 8oz.- Cara-pils 4oz.- Crystal...
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    Question About Dennybrew Mash

    Thanks everyone. And a big thanks to Denny. Your page was the first to make complete sense of the process for me.
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    Question About Dennybrew Mash

    The step he's talking about is to make both runnings equal in volume and account for grain absorption. So I'll need almost a gallon. Even at 212 will that really raise the temp enough to be a real mashout?
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    Question About Dennybrew Mash

    Doing my first mash tomorrow and have a question. I'm following the batch sparge method on the dennybrew site and everything makes sense. My question is about the infusion before first runoff. He doesn't mention heating the extra gallon or so of water, but I'm assuming I'd want it to be at the...