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  1. J

    Hornindal kveik is a rocketship

    Just racked an IPA into the cake from an 8 day blonde ale, literally 10 minutes in and it's bubbling away like mad. I even cold crashed the blonde, the yeast cake was at like 60F and I racked 100F wort onto it. Took off like a damn SpaceX project! I love this stuff.
  2. J

    Fresh hibiscus

    I've got some huge hibiscus plants in my backyard, and my wife loves a hibiscus beer we used to get in Chicago. So I'm thinking of harvesting some and making her a great summer quaffer. Anyone have tips? Should I dry it? Rack onto fresh petals in secondary? Make a tincture? How much to use...
  3. J

    Feedback on my crush, please

    Making the leap from extract to biab. Got a mill and finally got some grain to run through for cleaning and adjusting the crush. This is set to .025 with feeler gauges, how does it look? Edit: 3 roller mill, secondary gap is at .025... I think primary is .040. Thanks in advance for the...
  4. J

    Counter flow cooler hot/cold break filtration

    I'm considering picking up a CFC, I'm curious what, if anything, people do to remove hot/cold break before wort enters the fermenter. Currently using an IC and I let it sit after cooling to allow the breaks to settle, then transfer off the top. Thanks in advance.
  5. J

    How many gallons of cider in 2018?

    Came to post my totals so far this year and saw there was no 2018 thread! Same rules as previous years. January 1 to December 31, 2018. Ciders and cider variants welcome. I'm at 15 gallons of modified EdWort's Apfelwein Total = 15 gallons
  6. J

    How Many Gallons of Homebrew in 2018?

    Remember that all amounts should be BEER! Wine, mead, and cider have their own forums where a running total is kept. Make sure you are adding your total to the last post. Also, totals should come from the amount in the fermenter. I've got 5.5 gallons of my house saison just starting to bubble...
  7. J

    "Dry hopping" EW Apfelwein

    Looking for some advice, I was hoping to "Dry hop" EdWorts Apfelwein with cinnamon. My plan is to use 3 sticks of cinnamon, soaked in vodka to sanitize and dropped in the fermenter for the full 8-10 weeks I typically leave for full fermentation. I'm curious if anyone else has done this and, if...
  8. J

    5,000 year old beer factory Kinda cool
  9. J

    Adding honey to saison recipe

    I'm going to add some honey to an existing saison recipe I've used, curious how to best go about this. I want to keep the honey taste, I've been told that most of the taste will ferment out if I add it during boil, and that I should use the honey instead of priming sugar. Anyone have any...
  10. J

    Help me plan a beer

    My wife is pregnant with our first child, due in 3 months. I have decided to brew her something for when she can drink again, need some help picking something out. A little background info on her: She hates (HATES) hoppy beer. She likes stouts, but is finicky about them and also doesn't...
  11. J

    IPA to secondary?

    So I recently brewed my second batch, Brewer's Best IPA kit. I am considering racking to secondary in a few days here, but I am not sure if i should transfer the hop pellet remains into secondary as well. Is there even a point to this? How long does the dry hopping process take to impart...
  12. J

    Mini fridge

    So I've started looking at mini fridges for storing bottles... SWMBO doesn't want me taking up ALL of the regular fridge space. We will be in an apartment, so 6+ cu fters are a no go. I'm thinking 4.5-4.6 cu ft but I can't seem to find any that have no freezer section. I'd also like to be...
  13. J

    Did I ruin it?

    Got my first homebrew kit for Christmas, started my first batch on Friday (Brewers Best Red Ale, if it matters). After pitching the yeast, I threw the fermenter in my bedroom, near the window (I live in Chicago)... in the morning, the temp gauge read 61-62* F, right at the lower limit listed in...