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  1. pmpbrewer

    Rhizomes in BC Canada

    Saaz $3 each obo + shipping. I'll be generous;) Going to farmers market too so we'll see. Probably Cascades tomorrow.
  2. pmpbrewer

    Canada 3-Ball lock disconnect with line

    This is my first attempt at a sale on this site so forgive me if I screw something up. I have 3 - Ball lock (Gas) disconnects. Each crimped to about 3 feet of gas line with terminated on the other end with disconnects. (I think I have more but am still cleaning the brew room) Lets say $25...
  3. pmpbrewer

    Hop Drying Rack question

    It looks like my year 2 Saaz, willemette and cascades are producing tonnes this year. My question is, if I build a hop dryer that stacks the drying racks (like Oast), will there be cross contamination if I stack the 3 different types one above the other? I imagine that the lupin will settle...
  4. pmpbrewer

    Looking for Vancouver brew store

    My wife is in Vancouver this week and I need some liquid lager yeast. She doesn't want to go to Dan's on Hastings (I don't blame her). Does anyone know of somewhere else not to far out she could go? She'll be staying near Vancouver Hospital. Thanks.
  5. pmpbrewer

    Festbier No Fancy name - Oktoberfest

    This is an oktoberfest I made last year. It was a little messed up as I went hunting in the middle and ended filling my fridge with elk meat so I had to lager the first part by the basement (about 50F). After I butchered the Elk, I lagered in the fridge for about 1.5 months. I should have...
  6. pmpbrewer

    First Ever Tasting Night

    Thought I would share some thoughts for my Inaugural beer tasting event. I had 10 friends over (9 drinkers) for some beer sampling to show them that there is more to life than “Bud”. Everyone had 4 oz glasses and sheets describing each beer. You might think that my beer sequence was a bit...