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  1. Jolly McStanson

    Put some cheap beer in a growler and dry hop it.

    My cousin was talking to a guy that did this and the beer turned out great. What a great idea.
  2. Jolly McStanson


    Every thing started out fine. Had all my data from Beer Smith ready to go to make my big Oat meal stout. Mashed in and waited an hour. Began batch sparging like normal. But it was just trickling out. No problem, brew night is just going to take a little longer. Started at 6pm sober finished...
  3. Jolly McStanson

    Joan Jett is hot, shes a very pretty woman

    I met here about 20 years ago at a local thing in Providence. Her smile was oh my god. Up until then she looked like a tough girl dike. I saw a picture of her in 08 and she is still beautiful. Some one put me to bed.
  4. Jolly McStanson

    Made two batches, one with huge yeast slurry, and one with dry Safale-04 yeast.

    There wasn't a huge taste difference for me. In fact I like the taste of the dry yeast-ed beer a little more then the huge yeast slurry beer. I got the yeast slurry from a local micro brewery. They gave me about a quart. Kona, Fire Rock IPA I made with the yeast slurry. Cascades /...
  5. Jolly McStanson

    Some of the funny things you can do with Trub. Toilet humor at its best.

    What I do some times is empty the carboy into the toilet. Let it spatter all over the seat and down onto the floor. let a little splatter get on the wall too. Then walk away and leave it. The reaction you get from people walking in on that will make you double over in laughter. It looks...
  6. Jolly McStanson

    Can I fry chicken wings in my turkey fryer? Any one have any recipes?

    BJs whole sale club has a sale on chicken wings. I was thinking about making some but I dont have a fryer. I could put them in the oven, but they wont tastes as good. I have a bunch of peanut oil. I also have a block of lard. I could probably use a small pot and heat up oil outside. I could...
  7. Jolly McStanson

    Who stinks out the bathroom worse, Men or woman?

    Also who's farts smell worse, men, woman, or dogs? I have woman Friends of mine that are comfortable enough to fart in front of me, but they dont seem to smell... well ones in a wile, but its not bad. My Beagle is just plain bad and so am I. My Beagle loves beer, but shes a BMC dog...
  8. Jolly McStanson

    Whats the difference between most of my home brew and a fart?

    There isn't any. Most people dont enjoy my home brew but me. Most people are repulsed when I have stinky gas but me. I dont mind my own brand. In fact I'm proud of a good fart. As bad as some of my home brew is ( according to others) I drink the whole batch. I'm getting better at...
  9. Jolly McStanson

    Was anyone a lot better looking a few years ago?

    Well I was looking though some stuff and came across some old drivers licence's. I was much better looking a few years ago. I have a double chin and my face is puffy now with bags under my eyes lol. I used to have a flat stomach, now I can set a pint of beer on the top of it wile I'm standing...
  10. Jolly McStanson

    Has anyone actually cured toe nail fungus with Star-San?

    In order to cure toe nail fungus you have to take medication and sometimes that doesn't even work. Well I have have the fungus and I dont ware flip flops any more because my toe nails look disgusting. Iv heard that Star-San cures the fungus. If I have to soak my feet every night in...
  11. Jolly McStanson

    Wort chiller froze and cracked. Can I fix it?

    The water that was still inside must have expanded and split the copper tube. I know how to solder and sweat copper pipe. I'm wondering if I can do the same thing for the wort chiller. Cut the bad peace out and splice the chiller back together. Can it be done?
  12. Jolly McStanson

    Once again I spent all day on Home Brew

    I singed on this morning, and oh look the suns going down and I'm still sitting here, lol . I was trying to figure out..should I brew Edwarts house ale......should I brew Lake Walk Pale Ale? I'm checking out all the posts in each recipe as well as other recipes that id like to try. Then you...
  13. Jolly McStanson

    All grain beer does get better with aging.

    Iv been sitting on a batch of beer that's been in the carboy since the winter. I was trying to make a malt liquor for a buddy of mine. I just now kegged it and its August 11th 2008. It tastes good even though its not carbonated. It has a little bit of a cider thing going on but not bad. No...
  14. Jolly McStanson

    Ever notice ones you go all grain, it consumes you?

    I used to do just extract batches years ago. I decided this winter I was going to start brewing again, and I was going to go all grain from the start. Now I cant think about much else. I'm either looking for brewing advice or reading about advice. I'm always planning my next batch and what...
  15. Jolly McStanson

    How do I use rice or grits in brewing?

    I wanted to try some batches of beer using rice or grits. I boiled up two cans of Quaker grits to gelatinize them. What I ended up with is a huge sticky clumpy pile of grits. If I put them in the mash it would surely clog when I sparge. Ones I decided not to use the grits I tried rice. I...