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    Do I need a starter with this much harvested yeast?

    I am planning on a Double IPA using S-04 yeast I harvested just under a month ago (April 11). The pic shows the amount I have in each pint mason jar (I have 4 of these total still, used one on a prior batch). Should I make a starter or is this sufficient for my needs? I know that part of the...
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    First water report, a little guidance please?

    I just got my results from Ward Labs and based on what I've seen from other reports, it seems to be pretty decent, low on most everything. I have started messing with water additions using both Bru N Water (which has circular reference issues in V1.25), BrewCiper and the "Mash Chemistry and...
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    Coconut Imperial Stout critique

    I have a recipe I've put together based on my best assumption of a local offering. They list on the can what grains they used, though of course not in what qtys nor if that is all they used. Based on an American Stout I made recently that has a similar grain bill, I have put this together...
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    Keezer build sizing

    I know there was a thread where the OP showed what size freezer you needed to hold X number of kegs and such. I have tried searching for it but have so far come up short. It would be a great sticky in this thread if found again. EDIT. Of course, as luck would have it, found it shortly after...
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    What ABV should this hit, getting varied results?

    I have created an Imperial Stout recipe and am confused about the predicted ABV. I've entered this into three different calculators and all yield quite varied results ranging from 9.3% to 12.3%. To enhance mouthfeel, I plan to mash at a about 154. I'd like it to be reasonably close to the...
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    North Carolina Brewing equipment - kettle, burner and BIAB bag

    10 gallon stainless steel brew kettle with valve. Holds 10.25 gallons. $55 Elevated propane burner. Great height for gravity draining into bucket or fermenter. $35 Wilserbrewer BIAB mesh bag for above kettle. Like new, not stained. Used 6 times. $20 All for $100. I am selling as I bought a...
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    North Carolina Brand new Italian glass 5 gallon carboys

    New in box, never used. Have two of these. $40 for one or $70 for both. High quality, thick Italian glass. Local pickup 27006.
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    North Carolina Beer bottles, clean and delabeled

    Have 54 cleaned and delabeled beer bottles of same size, mostly Sam Adams. Have another 18 clean but with labels. If you bottle you know what a chore it can be to sort for size and delabel. Save your time and effort as I’ve already done it for you. I moved on to kegs so no longer need. Local...
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    Incendiary Brewing Shade of Lies Stout

    Has anyone had this beer? It is phenomenal. Definitely a very big beer but I want to try and make it. At the brewery it's listed as about 11.5% if memory serves. It comes in four flavors: Coffee, Coconut, Maple and a blend of all three. I prefer the Coconut version, but all are great. I am...
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    Can you dry hop right after pitching yeast?

    Looking into doing my first dry hop batch. I've seen a mixed bag of ways and times to dry hop. It looks like most dry hop AFTER fermentation has completed, but is there a reason you cannot dry hop as soon as you pitch the yeast? Further, this ensures no oxygen entry if done after...
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    Yeast Pitch Rate Calculator

    Based on a discussion in another thread, I am trying to understand the wide disparity between the Brewer's Friend calculator and real world results. In this particular case, I am planning on making a ~5G Zombie Dust Clone (5.62G into the Fermenter is the actual planned). In working thru the...
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    Substitute for Munich 10L

    I am planning to brew a Zombie Dust clone (called Sandman per Beersmith). My LHBS doesn't seem to carry exactly the Munich 10L. They do carry the 20L and a couple others that seems close, but I really don't know the differences yet. One is " Epiphany Munich Malt, 7.4-14.6L (Epiphany Craft...
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    Water volume calcs

    I am still only one batch into BIAB brewing, so trying to dial in water volume. I am using both the calcs here listed below and get different starting volumes. Brew in a Bag (BIAB) Calculator ~ and For this particular batch, the BIAB calc...
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    First BIAB batch, seems like a success

    Still consider myself a newbie, but have moved on from extracts to BIAB and am so far very happy with the process and the results. My first batch was an "Orange SMaSH Pale Ale" from Altantic Brew Supply (props to them for such great service). I used the Priceless Brew in a Bag calculator and...
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    Do I need a secondary regulator or just a manifold distribution block?

    Just moved to kegging and only have one keg in play but have another I plan to fill within a week or two. As such, I need some type of distribution from the primary regulator. I am waffling between the two based on significant cost delta. Also wondering if a really need the gauges of a...
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    Why did I wait so long to try an NEIPA?!

    Originally being a native of the west coast, WA state, I've tried my fair share of IPAs. Although it may be a shock, I personally don't care for the ultra-hoppy and bitter IPAs the place is known for and what so many breweries make. So for many years, I've steered clear of most anything that...
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    AG process for Dummies (or at least one Dummy)

    I want to move from extract to AG (BIAB to be specific) and plan to buy a couple kits so I can focus on the process and not worry if I cobbled together the right ingredients. Even still, I am ignorant of a few points in the kits. In this case it is from MoreBeer (Citra Session Pale Ale) and it...
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    Inkbird ITS-308 WiFi app seems wonky

    I am curious if everyone else experiences the same thing with this app. I emailed Inkbird the same info but haven't received a reply. Really just wanted to see if this is just how the app rolls or what but sure acts odd to me, given it seems to change the data it shows every day. When I first...
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    Spunding for Dummies

    I just received my shiny new Spundit valve and want to know how best to go about using it. Right or wrong, here's what I've done so far. I have a batch of stout I brewed on May 31 in my Kegmenter which can hold pressure (up to 35 psi before the relief valve lets go). I have hooked up a corny...
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    Is there such a thing as a good gluten-free beer?

    Ya I know taste is in the tongue of the beholder, but my wife being the GF offender in the family, has tried various GF beers. None have met with her approval. She resorts to wine, ciders and seltzers, but I'd really like to surprise her with a good GF beer (to help her appreciate all the...