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  1. billf2112

    High ABV

    I had it originally at 70% and that was spot on the first time. After that of course I wasn't opening it as much (only for periodic stirs) so was hitting 85%. I didn't adjust on the Weizen but did on the others. Gonna brew a stout next week gonna adjust recipe to 90% and see what happens. I...
  2. billf2112

    power went out with 29 minutes left...

    You need a bayou burner. Electric brewing stinks and takes forever. Wife gave me a burner for my 50th. Best wife ever. LHBS threw in a kit as a gift.
  3. billf2112

    Join a homebrew club!

    Yea, you can leave those with your head spinning without even drinking.
  4. billf2112

    High ABV

    The last three brews I have made have all come in higher than the recipe expected. I have gone from brew in a bag to a 5 gallon mash tun. I am not talking slightly higher but way higher. One was to be a strong weizen (7.5) but it ended up at 10.3, just tasted like alcohol. I like a stronger...
  5. billf2112

    Whiskey Barrel Stout

    What about using the store bought "whiskey chips"?
  6. billf2112

    Brew Dogs...

    I like the show. The Philadelphia episode was cool because they came up to Pottstown (which is the town next door). Funny to see people you know in an episode, the guy driving the car with the Parade Queen took my daughter to the Prom.
  7. billf2112

    Whiskey Barrel Stout

    Hello, I have a stout recipe that is well liked. Since my stout shelf is sadly empty it is time for a brewing. My wife and I recently went to a pub that had an amazing whiskey barrel stout on tap that she said tasted like mine but had an extra layer (I am turning my wife into a beer snob, she...
  8. billf2112

    Partial Mash Pumpkin Ale

    Against my better judgement I did a batch with pumpkin puree in the mash. Got a stuck mash. Turned into a brew day from hell. Gas ran out with 10 minutes left in the boil. Other things happened that were my fault also. One things, I got good pumpkin taste from the mash, happy with results.
  9. billf2112

    Partial Mash Pumpkin Ale

    Why doesn't somebody just make a pumpkin malt extract and make it easy on newer brewers?
  10. billf2112

    full boil extract instead of adding top off water

    Run the numbers through your brewing software I saw a big difference otherwise no. I drink less hoppy brews so I may just be hop sensitive My software usually says it doubles
  11. billf2112

    Is it ok to brew beer if I don't have a beard ??

    That is why in middle earth the dwarves brewed the best beer, their women have beards
  12. billf2112

    My first mash

    I picked up a 4 gallon stock pot for $10 at Boscovs it is great for boiling mash and sparge water leaving my brew pots free. Most department stores have these cheap pots.
  13. billf2112

    Everybody Knockin' On Buffalo Wild Wings

    Anyone have a good bratwurst beer recipe?
  14. billf2112

    Buffalo Wild Wings commercial

    It's a war on homebrewers, quick break out the picket signs, call CNN, let Roseann Barr make a rude off the wall statement. It is just another chain restaurant who knows slightly more about beer than home brewing. Who cares? They serve packaged food and for the most part crap beer. It is like...
  15. billf2112

    I may be a loner in this lol But I dont like Hoppy beers

    I always wonder why those who love happy beers feel that others need to learn to love them. I also love the aroma of hops, I like scented candles, but I do not want to eat one. I have been drinking beer for over 30 years and still like maltier brews. My first real beer was when I was...
  16. billf2112

    Good recipe to start out with?

    Agree with Bill above, the kits will tell you to use a primary and a secondary which is a waste of time and energy, just extend the primary out.
  17. billf2112

    first taste of my own recipe

    You may not get as much cranberry as you wish with that amount if juice. I did a blueberry wheat with a gallon of juice and it was just an after taste. I wish I added a few pounds of crushed blueberries
  18. billf2112

    Hefeweizen Gravity Too High?

    06 is not the same as Bavarian wheat yeast. There is a dry version (munich) that will work well for a hefeweizen.
  19. billf2112

    Where do I fit in?

    Sounds like you found your next level of brewing
  20. billf2112

    Funny brew day disaster with girlfriend.

    Funny, I had a pumpkin brew try to do me in.