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  1. Rowdy

    what more do i need

    i have a spa panel that was running to a defunct hot tub that i will power it off of. then when i move it to the new brewery space i can wire it in properly as we are building the space out all new.
  2. Rowdy

    what more do i need

    running a stilldragon on my boil kettle. need to set up my herms HLT besides a box to mount it and associated wires is this all i need for a hlt/herms...
  3. Rowdy

    Mash-out temp

    without knowing your equipment and mash temp. your looking at anywhere from 185 to over 200.
  4. Rowdy

    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    I am brewing a cream ale for an upcomeing event and I know my main culprit will really like it. So I can then tell him he is actually drinking a "thick" beer lol..
  5. Rowdy

    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    I love how any thing that is not miller lite is referred to as "that thick crap that you drink"
  6. Rowdy

    Fly Sparge Question

    you should sparge until your pre boil volume is reached.
  7. Rowdy

    hops suggestions for this recipe

    I have plenty of both on hand maybe 2 oz ekg at 60 and some fuggles at 10
  8. Rowdy

    hops suggestions for this recipe

    I was thinking the same 1.5 to 2 oz of ekg or fuggles at 60..
  9. Rowdy

    hops suggestions for this recipe

    Was given a pile of ingredients for an all grain stout. Anyone have any suggestions for hops for this grain bill? 13# Marris otter 1.6# roasted barley 11oz black 3# flaked barley
  10. Rowdy

    I'm tired of losing a gallon of beer during fermentation!

    You don't see most people complaining about this because most of us primary in the fermenting buckets. Use a bigger primary problem solved. *edit Seems that has been solved didn't read too far into it
  11. Rowdy

    Keg carbing

    Chill it set it to 40 psi for 24 hours and if you can put the gas on the liquid side Otherwise 12 psi for two weeks or so.
  12. Rowdy

    Removing hop seeds?

    i forgit where i picked it up but i have a tight mesh bag that fits over the head of the fermenting bucket that i rack through to catch any break material that makes it past my false bottom. you could also line the bucket with a paint strainer bag and remove bag when racking is complete.
  13. Rowdy

    First AG brew a few problems

    dialing in your equipment will certainly help with your volume issues, but efficiency is a whole other can of worms. i didnt pick out the efficiency question out of the first post lol. we first have to know more about your mash, sparge, temps, equipment, even grain bill, etc to start hashing...
  14. Rowdy

    filling Sanke kegs

    not the above you can connect to a c02 source. the below pumps outside air into the keg to serve.
  15. Rowdy

    First AG brew a few problems

    (profiles tab, equipment tab, add equipment. for beersmith 2) (view tab, equipment tab, new equipment. for older versions) you can then select and input numbers for your exact equipment
  16. Rowdy

    What's your favorite drinking glass type?

    my normal home glass is a sam adams sensory 22, my at work standby is a dimpled mug with killians logo. my second home standby is a stemmed tulip for belgians wheats etc..
  17. Rowdy

    First AG brew a few problems

    you can edit your equipment profile and boil off rate in beersmith to match your individual equipment, the parameters already in the program are common equipment profiles with average numbers plugged in. everybody's equipment is a little different. example a 40qt tall and narrow kettle will...
  18. Rowdy

    Hard lemonade with Realemon

  19. Rowdy

    sierra neveda pale ale clone

    Grains: .75LB Wheat .5LB C-40 Extracts: 6LB Pale LME Bitter: .25OZ Magnum .75OZ Pearle Finish: 1.0OZ Cascade Dry: 1.5OZ Cascade US-05 yeast
  20. Rowdy

    Sweet red wine recipe needed...

    the welchs concord wine comes close to barefoot sweet red i would say at a concentration of 3-4 cans per gallon will get you really close with d47 yeast.