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  1. kebrown

    Keith's Imperial IPA HBT Comp Winner

    Recipe: Keith's Imperial IPA HBT Comp Winner Brewer: Keith Brown Asst Brewer: Max the Brew Dog Style: Imperial IPA TYPE: All Grain Taste: 45 Great Hop Flavor. Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size: 6.00 gal Boil Size: 8.09 gal Estimated OG: 1.071 SG Estimated Color...
  2. kebrown

    Keg Party

    I borrowed the plasma cutter from work this last weekend and cut the top in a few kegs. I guess it is time to start building my brew sculpture.
  3. kebrown

    Irish Black

    BeerSmith Recipe Printout - Recipe: Irish Black Ale Brewer: Keith Brown Asst Brewer: Max the brew dog Style: 9C. Scottish Export 80/- TYPE: All Grain Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size: 11.00 gal Boil Size: 13.25 gal Estimated OG: 1.048 SG...
  4. kebrown

    Help - How to get it????

    I would like to know how to get help. I have a problem with my account. When I subscribe to a thread or start one I never get email notification when some one replies. I have tried changing the Messaging & Notification settings to instant or daily and neither one works. When I renewed my...
  5. kebrown

    Secondary Conditioning Temperature

    After my beer is in the secondary and aging does the beer have to stay at fermenting temperatures? I am running out of room in my fermenting frig and need to make some more beer for a contest. I would like to put two carboys of beer that has been aging for 3 weeks in a closet in the house. The...
  6. kebrown

    CO2 Tank Exchange Beware

    About 6 months ago I bought an aluminum 20 lb CO2 tank on line for my kegging set-up. I went to get it filled at a local gas retail place. They could not fill it while I waited but told me they could take my tank and exchange it for a full tank for the same price. I had read that this was a...