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  1. Noleafclover

    Nebraska For Sale: March Pump, Plate Chiller, Sabco 15.5 gal ferm, Corny Kegs, More...

    Just updating this thread for lower prices and to reflect what is left. If my message box on this site is full, please feel free to send inquiries to [email protected] Here's what I have left.. Lower price: Plate Chiller, thermal plastic hoses, and quick connects: $80 Quick connects cost...
  2. Noleafclover

    Quick PSA: Free shipping means nothing gets done w/ your order for 4 days

    Just have to gripe a sec. I placed an order with MoreBeer on Friday morning at 9:00 AM CST. I'm brewing for a buddy's wedding and have a schedule I'd like to keep in order to make sure everything is in perfect shape. Now I know this is on their website, and I just missed it... And I know...
  3. Noleafclover

    RIMS Question: Air in the lines during recirc

    Hello all, This is probably a very stupid question, so I apologize in advance. I have an old school sabco system at home and am rebuilding it to be a bit more advanced. Part of it blew up on me (I'll explain in a second...), so I figured while I'm repairing it I might as well change some...
  4. Noleafclover

    WTB: 1 1/2 Barrel Keg; 4 Corny kegs

    I'm looking for one 1/2 barrel keg to turn into a keggle. I'm also looking for 4 Corny kegs. PM me if you are within a few hours of Omaha, NE and are willing to part with either one.
  5. Noleafclover

    Omaha, NE Area NHC Regional Entry Delivery

    Hey folks, I thought I'd offer up a little service for those in the Omaha/Metro (Nebraska) area for first round of the 2010 NHC. I'm taking all of the entries for my local homebrew club up to Middleton, WI (to see where to send your entries, visit...
  6. Noleafclover

    Sparging on a Brewmagic/Kettle system w/ a march pump

    I have a little issue I'm trying to solve, and I thought I'd ask the best group of brewing thinkers I know of. 8-) In any case, I recently moved from a 10 gallon rubbermaid cooler mash tun, where I used a fly sparging technique (using a sparge arm) to the setup you see below (which is a...
  7. Noleafclover

    Replacement pump head needed for Sabco Brew-Magic

    So... Last weekend I went and broke the head on the march pump that is installed in my brew-magic system. I cracked it actually... very cold pump head + very hot water = crack. I went ahead and ordered a new pump (the other one was about 10 years old and my neighbor wanted it anyway.. so I...
  8. Noleafclover

    Damn Winter

    So... It got freaking cold here the last week in Nebraska. Tons of snow, avg of about 20 degrees. I started to brew today and went to run hot water+cleaning chemicals through the ol' brew magic system. Flipped the valve from the hot liqour tank and POP, broken march pump. Very cold march pump...
  9. Noleafclover

    Fermenting in a corny keg

    So here is the back story real quick.... I brewed 10 gallons of an english pale ale and split it off to two carboys. I used a different yeast strain in each to see how they'd affect flavor. I've developed some lazy habits but almost always make a starter when using liquid yeast. This time...
  10. Noleafclover

    Another reason why I love beer

    It's a-political. Unless the person you're talking to is a tea-tottler, but that doesn't count. Two completely people with complete opposite political viewpoints can often agree about one thing: Beer.
  11. Noleafclover

    Question about the National Homebrew Competition

    Heya all, This year will be my first year at the National Homebrew Conference. The members of our brew-club are excited as am I. The AHA has pretty good info about the conference available, but info about the actual competition is pretty scarce (or at least it looks that way to me). As I...
  12. Noleafclover

    Idea for learning how to understand contributions from various malts

    I have an idea I thought I'd run by you all... I, like many I'm sure, just follow other people's recipes. If someone were to ask me to clone a particular beer I'd look online for a reliable recipe and go with that. I know enough about malts to know how to not go overboard when making slight...
  13. Noleafclover

    Brewclub Halloween

    Soo... It was homebrewclub halloween this year. The evening began with a 1/2 of a 10 gallon batch of oatmeal stout threating to mt st helens on me... As I write this I'm still pulling the blow off tub out periodically and releasing pressure. Then off way west to a club member's...
  14. Noleafclover

    Unhappy yeast smell like crap

    So... I've made this recipe before... It's an american wheat with a flaked maize twist. However, this last time, I had shut off all outside garden hose connections for the winter. I had also replaced the kitchen sink faucet in the same week. So, when I brewed this beer I had no connections...
  15. Noleafclover

    Lager Yeast Question

    This weekend I'm brewing my first lager. The yeast strain I'm using is White Labs Oktoberfest. I figure I'll brew one now so I can enjoy it when I make another in March. I have a johnson controls unit to keep the fermentation temps at the right spot, etc etc. However, I still have a simple...
  16. Noleafclover


    Several weeks ago I decided that I needed to brew roggenbeir. I had had one at a local pub and loved it, and our local brewclub is doing catagory 15 for our contest at the end of October. On the same day I decided to brew this I was also messing around with a different boil kettle and I also...
  17. Noleafclover

    WTB: 2-3 Cornelius Kegs in Omaha/Council Bluffs

    Heya all, I'm looking for a few corny kegs. I just got started kegging and have filled the two that I was given. Please pm me if you have some corny kegs in good condition that you'd be willing to part with. Thanks, Noleaf
  18. Noleafclover

    Nobody wakes up in the morning thinking they'll get this kind of equipment haul

    Well, at least I didn't. I have been working on a 3 tier hlt mlt to boil kettle gravity fed system. I was kind of there, without having setup a stand and some other stuff (counter flow chiller... welding the stand, etc..) and was just going to be content with what I had. The beer I've made...
  19. Noleafclover

    What would we do for CO2?

    Okay, I'm thinking ahead here. Let's say its 2050 and there is a big war, and all of the all-grain folks who also happen to be able to grow grain and hops, malt the grain, etc can brew to still have a product to sell/barter to stay alive. What would we do if we couldn't force carbonate...
  20. Noleafclover

    WTB: Johnson Controls Fridge Thermostat in NE, USA

    If you have one in good working order in eastern Nebraska/western Iowa and are looking to sell it, PM me. Also looking for a decent sized chest freezer. Thanks, Noleaf