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  1. JDXX1971

    Cleaning the Grain Mill

    Am I the only one to have used a leaf blower?
  2. JDXX1971

    Dumping fresh wort onto the yeast cake

    I did feel a little dirty after dumping into that cruddy looking fermentor. :eek: I was brewing quick and dirty though. Inside on the stove top with an element in the kettle too. No re circulation and no controller, I left everything in the shed and just brewed some beer. o_O I do have a keg...
  3. JDXX1971

    Dumping fresh wort onto the yeast cake

    I just did it. Brewed a 1.063 porter last weekend fermented with a pack of Nottingham sprinkled on the top. Today I brewed an imperial version of the same beer, 1.084 transferred last weeks brew to a keg (done enough at 1.017) and dumped the new brew right on top of the yeast cake and left...
  4. JDXX1971

    FotHB V: KNO3 + S8 + C7H4O

    Unfortunately I drank all my beer. :bott: My wife and I both celebrated birthdays this month, so yeah, ended up drinking all my beer. I got nothing, haven't brewed in months, been too dang busy.:( I will be back!!! Have fun fellas.
  5. JDXX1971


    Frankenbrewie, can you make it live?
  6. JDXX1971

    "you won't save money homebrewing"

    I was just thinking about this last night as I enjoyed my 10+% bourbon chocolate stout. Comparable beers seem to go for at least 50 cents an ounce to well over a dollar an ounce. Mine cost me under a quarter an ounce to make, so the savings are pretty huge there. I figure it will only take a few...
  7. JDXX1971

    Do you need a 1 off Stainless part built for your system? Let's discuss it.

    Yes, I really want it to be a $15 part but it just is not working out that way. I have found a serving platter and a kettle lid that "might" work for me. They are $30 and $65 respectively. Meh, I would rather have a custom part that is to my specs than what I have found. So that leaves making it...
  8. JDXX1971

    Do you need a 1 off Stainless part built for your system? Let's discuss it.

    Hello Jay, Yeah I guessed fully welded would be expensive. For me a 17.5" diameter disc with a 1" rim tacked on would suffice. I think with some luck I could solder it up water tight. Probably still gonna be more than I want to spend though.
  9. JDXX1971

    Do you need a 1 off Stainless part built for your system? Let's discuss it.

    Yeah, @Jaybird is this something you can do?
  10. JDXX1971

    Chocolate Stout

  11. JDXX1971

    Chocolate Stout

  12. JDXX1971

    Am I overthinking this?

    If you're asking if you should mock it up, sure. Why wouldn't you? You've already thought about it, you're half way there.
  13. JDXX1971

    Control Panel Schematic - Need Help

    No, thank you. I have witnessed you help countless members on here including myself.
  14. JDXX1971

    Control Panel Schematic - Need Help

    In this case, I personally would just listen to Doug.
  15. JDXX1971

    Birthday cash spending poll

    Get the cam locks. You won't regret it.
  16. JDXX1971

    Happy Birthday to Homercidal!

    Happy birthday!:ban::ban::ban:
  17. JDXX1971

    Seeking Advice on Which Smoker to Get - Newby

    We have a Weber Bullet, 18 inch. I use charcoal or wood for chicken and pork. For fish, jerky and whatnot I just use a cheap hot plate in the bottom with a small cast iron skillet for the chips. Been sitting outside for over 10 years and besides the racks needing replaced periodically it is in...
  18. JDXX1971

    FOTHB IV: Trying to Catch Me Brewin' Dirty

    @FunkedOut I got your bottle of Datil sauce today too. :) Tried it just now on some crackers, good stuff. :yes: What happened to the Scorpion pepper sauce?:(