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  1. Pappa_Bjorn

    Recipe feedback/ideas for belgian with saffron?

    5gal/18.9L BIAB, no sparge OG: .066 FG: .009 ABV: 7.5% IBUs: 20 EBC: 23.2 Water (beersmith calc.) 4ml 80% lactic+salts=mash pH 5.23 Mash @68C/155F 66% 3,6kg/7.9lbs 2-row Maris Otter 9% 500g/1.1lbs Wheat malt 4% 200g/7oz Carafoam/Carapils 4% 200g/7oz Special B 2% 100g/3,5oz Melanoidin Boil 1h...
  2. Pappa_Bjorn

    [First timer] URGENT! Possible to resuscitate first (and failed) cider?

    On the 25th of september I pitched a split apple cider batch. Neither carboy started. Tragedy struck when I had to abandon my cider-babies due to work. Yesterday, oct 11th, 16 days later, I open one carboy that's been sitting under airlock at 20C/68F - no CO2 having replaced the air mind you -...
  3. Pappa_Bjorn

    Molasses and rye mämmi stout feedback

    Want to make a sweetened rye (and possibly oats) sweet stout-ish inspired by mämmi. I'm thinking the molasses (how much?) will ferment out and will taste weird unless sweetened back with lactose at 5%? Rye something like 15%? Some oats for mouth feel... Maybe a tiny bit of wheat in there. And...
  4. Pappa_Bjorn

    What of the following caused (probable) fusels?

    I've gotten the same off flavour/scent in two brews; one mead, one gose. It's highly reminiscent of paint solvent/mineral spirits, and describable somewhat like combusted diesel, machine grease, non-ferric/ferrous minerals/metals (or dust of these), being mildly peppery, flat and greasy in taste...
  5. Pappa_Bjorn

    Diagnosing off-tastes and causes in failed juniper gose?

    My first ever non-kit beer went terribly wrong, and I can't figure out what caused the off tastes or what they're called. Recipe for 3gal/11L single stage; 0,45kg/1lb Acid malt 0,9kg/2lb wheat extract 0,3kg/10oz light extract 10g/.4oz crystal @3%AAU 60m 20g/.8oz juniper berries 20m 2 orange...
  6. Pappa_Bjorn

    When to add second yeast?

    My first post here! Please forgive any errors! I sort of emergency ad lib'd an elderflower mead batch since the elderberry trees were hours away from being done blooming. Afterwards I calculated the total potential ferment ABV to ~10% (OG1.070), but I pitched with Safale US-05 ale yeast (~8%ABV...