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  1. bdg0223

    1 Gallon tiny partial mashes

    I'm a new extract brewer and I'd like to make some unconverted grains available to me (Reading Jennifer Talley's Session Beers). But this opens up the complexities of water chemistry... If I only want to partial mash enough grains to convert the starches (we're talking maybe 1 oz of wheat or...
  2. bdg0223

    Story time - My carbonation "hack" trial and tribulations

    Hello there, new brewer here with a mere 1 batch under my belt. Doing extract 1gal batches for reference in a siphonless LBMB. So today I decided to use some fancy new 16oz flip top bottles. I foresaw two issues. 1) I knew my fizz drops wouldn't fit into the bottle. 2) I wanted to get the...