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  1. BoomerSoonerBrewer

    Can someone tell me if this is an infection? I used dry Safale US 05 sprinkled on the top on August 11. It was kept at a steady 70F the entire time and was monitored at all times. I did notice a bit of a sulpher smell emanating from the airlock after a week but it faded and I didn't...
  2. BoomerSoonerBrewer

    Critique my Citra-Orange IPA recipe

    I just finished this, folks. I was impressed by the taste going in, even after the top off water. Big flavor and what should be good balance. Nailed the OG at 1065 on the dot. malt & fermentables flavor gradient % LB OZ Malt or Fermentable ppg °L Late 30% 3 0 American...
  3. BoomerSoonerBrewer

    Check out my "Hoppy Guiness" Black IPA recipe

    Made this last night with a friend. It was both of our idea to make a Black IPA but he formulated the recipe since I've been kind of dominating that arena in the first few batches that we've made. I felt he went overboard on the black malt but I didn't want to make a big deal about it. We...
  4. BoomerSoonerBrewer

    Scored an old 5-gallon carboy today

    I have only used plastic bucket fermenters to date and lucked out finding an old glass carboy in my parent's garage while helping them out with some work at their house. The carboy is free of cracks and appears to have no damage and just needs to be cleaned up. It does look to be very old...
  5. BoomerSoonerBrewer

    Pitching bottle dregs

    Do you have to make a starter or could you, say, add the dregs of two bottles of Orval to a 5-gallon batch of beer that you're pitching US 05 into?
  6. BoomerSoonerBrewer

    Hop additions

    I was wondering about trying hop additions that use combinations of different types. Can someone tell me how something like this might work out? I'm making an English IPA hybrid (maybe closer to ESB) with some leftover grain. hops use time oz variety form aa boil 60...
  7. BoomerSoonerBrewer

    Making a spur of the moment brew

    with stuff leftover from other batches. Can anyone take a look at my recipe and critique it? Anything missing? malt & fermentables % LB OZ Malt or Fermentable ppg °L Late 43% 4 0 Briess DME Gold 34 5 ~ 21% 2 0 American Two-row Pale 37 1 ~ 16% 1 8 Crystal 40L 34 40...
  8. BoomerSoonerBrewer

    Getting weekend started early

    Just cracked a very young IPA to see how it is coming along--happy to see great carbing only 4 days after bottling. I've got high hopes for that beer. But I got a late start on my 'Que today and will be nipping on a flight of nice ales tonight while these finish up (doing some for VP in my...
  9. BoomerSoonerBrewer

    Hoppy Guiness

    My brew partner (we're both straight) and I were thinking up ideas for our next batch and thought about a hoppy Guiness. Why not? We have some spare Chinook (AA 11.2%) for bittering, Cascade (AA 6.2%) for flavor and Kent Goldings (AA 4.9%) for aroma... Why not? Is there some folly...
  10. BoomerSoonerBrewer

    Muntons or Briess?

    Guys, could someone tell me which extract is best for LME (or even DME too). Thanks in advance!
  11. BoomerSoonerBrewer

    Tasted my American Pale ale while bottling and

    it tasted good but was a bit sweet and didn't have much alcohol bite. I tried to take a hydrometer but couldn't figure out how to read it properly (i'm too noob). Is this normal? Here is the recipe I used: malt & fermentables % LB OZ Malt or Fermentable ppg °L 44% 4 0...
  12. BoomerSoonerBrewer

    Harvesting yeast from bottled commercial beers

    I am interested in attempting to harvest or somehow grow a strain of yeast from bottled beer. Is this possible? I have read many comments from posters that claimed to do this but have yet to find a walkthrough on how this might be done. The ability to harvest some exotic import strains...
  13. BoomerSoonerBrewer

    Brewing stuff you can get at dollar store/Wal-Mart/Target etc...

    Hey all! I was wanting to make a list of things that are commonly used in beer brewing that can be easily purchased at a dollar store or wal mart or the like. One thing I was thinking about was a large strainer that will fit the top of a 6.5 gallon SS stock pot. Is this something I need to...
  14. BoomerSoonerBrewer

    Have left over crystal and chocolate malt and soliciting suggestions

    Hi everyone, I am new to these fora. However, I do feel enough clout to post this and inquire about suggestions regarding some leftover grains I have from last weekend's brew day. I have on hand: 5 lbs crystal 40 malt 4 lbs crystal 20 malt 1 lb chocolate malt 1.0 oz kent goldings hops (5.3...
  15. BoomerSoonerBrewer

    My first post: Need advice on my partial mash recipes

    Hi guys! I'm new to this forum but have some experience brewing with a friend and his all-grain setup. I have a setup conducive to a partial-mash setup so I am making due and plan to do two batches of partial mash this weekend. Since my experience is with all grain, I got some grains/hops...