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  1. FermentingFreak

    Up a Kriek...?

    10 November 2012: My first attempt at a Lambic. I used NB Dawson's Kriek Extract Kit with Wyeast 3278 Lambic Blend. Followed the recipe; O.G.1.053. 23 November 2012: Racked into Secondary; added an extra can of Cherry Puree. Covered and (tried) to forget about it... 5 January 2013: Lifted...
  2. FermentingFreak

    Liquid Yeast + Hot Shipping Conditions =

    Yeast Health Uncertainty...leaving a novice brewer nervous with questions. I gambled (stupidly) and ordered the NB 115th Dream Hopbursted IPA Extract Kit with Wyeast American Ale 1056 online. It just happened to ship during a really hot week and was delivered in the early morning when I was...
  3. FermentingFreak

    Bottler Beware!

    I'm relatively new to brewing but wanted to share an bottle-related experience. Not sure if this should be placed in the Beginners Forum (as it could be useful to them as well) but wanted to at least put it here. In October, I inherited about a 90 real, green, Grolsch swing-top bottles from a...
  4. FermentingFreak

    Oak Essence

    Has anyone ever used liquid oak essence in secondary fermentation? Is it as potent as vanilla extract where you really only need to use an once or so to get the full flavor in a five gallon batch?