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  1. lowtones84

    Medieval Ale & Beer Info

    Hi All, I have a bug to research and brew some medieval ale & beer. I've brewed a few gruits in my day and am not shy to trying new things or brewing without modern instruments. Anywhere from say 12th century to 16th century. None of that Renaissance stuff, too fancy. Does anybody have any...
  2. lowtones84

    Stovetop BIAB BoPils

    Yes, I brewed a Bohemian Pilsner with a double decoction and multi-step mash using stovetop BIAB. Also with a corona mill that I've been using for eight years. I don't consider BIAB to be one vessel strictly. I get a bit tired of some folks (certainly not all) demeaning "low equipment/tech"...
  3. lowtones84

    Bypassing Remineralization stage RO system

    Hey all, I just purchased and installed a reverse osmosis system from Home Master (TMAFC Artesian Full Contact ) I went with the remineralization stage because the model is very well...
  4. lowtones84

    Choice for "Belgian IPA" / De Ranke XX Bitter Inspired Beer

    Hey all, My brewing buddy and I want to make a nice hoppy Belgian beer. I'd like to go with De Ranke XX Bitter as a model because I feel like a lot of "Belgian IPAs" are kinda confused and not that great. I'm not really trying to clone it, but is there any new info out there to confirm what...
  5. lowtones84

    Spelt Saison Step Mash

    Did a multi-step mash with a spelt saison. Raw spelt berries, no cereal mash. Expected 1.044 OG got 1.046 even with a half gallon more wort than expected. Could probably get away with just a protein rest, main mash, and mashout and still not have to cereal mash. OG: 1.046 IBU: 31.5 6 lbs...
  6. lowtones84

    In defense of OG breweries.

    I see a lot of hate/"meh" about breweries that used to serve us well. Bells, Stone, Boulevard, Sierra Nevada, Ommegang, Allagash. There are more for sure. Sound off in support of these breweries (No time for hate)! I'm not an Anti-NEIPA guy, but I'm sorry, breweries seem to be just jamming hops...
  7. lowtones84

    "All in" or through screen into fermenter? 5 oz. Whirlpool hops

    Hey all, Brewing an IPA with 5 oz. of whirlpool hops today. Typically I transfer from kettle to carboy through a wire sieve to eliminate most of the junk before going into the vessel, but I'm wondering if I'll be losing something when doing a healthy whirlpool addition like that. Thoughts? I've...
  8. lowtones84

    Geraniol/Linalool in UK hops?

    Hello all, I know that we tend to only think of hops with American parentage as containing geraniol and/or linalool, but does anyone know of any UK hops (also grown in the UK) that possess these oils in any appreciable amount? Most of the literature says no, but I found this...
  9. lowtones84

    Carbonation difference Dryhopped vs. Non

    Hey all, We have a batch of an English bitter that we split into two carboys, identical volume as we could possibly get. We dryhopped one 5 gallon carboy with 2 oz. of EKG and did not dry hop the other. Bottled same day, same bottles, same equipment, exact same amount of priming sugar. The non...
  10. lowtones84

    Small Bottles That Cap Well?

    Hello all, I'm a bottler only, after over 5 years in the game. Sometimes I want to bottle some higher ABV bottles in something small, but find the little coronas and small glass coke bottles to not work perfectly. Anybody have good luck with capping any particular small bottles? Thanks! :mug:
  11. lowtones84

    Hydrometer calibration

    I was surprised to see as I went to bottle that my latest brown ale using WLP 007 was a SG 1.022. Yeah I know I -should- take the reading before going to bottle, but I have my process down for these fairly low gravity English ales down really well and have always been at FG within 7 days. I did...
  12. lowtones84

    English Bitter hopping advice

    I brewed this bitter a while back and it was a big hit among myself and friends. The one thing I wasn't -quite- happy with was the hop presence though, more on the flavor/aroma front. The numbers are a little weird to get IBUs correct (and it's a 4 gallon batch) but here was the hop schedule. OG...
  13. lowtones84

    Maris Otter Farmhouse Ale

    The base malt I have on hand is Maris Otter, but I'm going to be brewing a couple of farmhouse ales/saisons this summer. I am fully aware that pilsener malt is the malt of choice, but my "farm/brewery" uses MO, so too bad :) In this recipe, it will be cut significantly with unmalted spelt and...
  14. lowtones84

    Priming sugar amounts

    Hello everybody, I'm going to be packaging an English mild, half of it into soft plastic cubitainers that can only hold 1.2-1.4 volumes safely. I always use northern brewer's online priming sugar calculator, but the numbers seem a little odd to me. My system works with 4 gallon batches. So...
  15. lowtones84

    Lager/Hybrid with MO?

    Hello all! I'm looking to brew a lager or hybrid ale that could pass as a lager this winter. However, I have a sack of Marris Otter and don't feel like buying a bunch of pils malt for one brew when I have it around. What I'm looking for is something light and mostly dry but with just a bit...
  16. lowtones84

    Apple cider to carbonate beer?

    Hey folks, So I'm considering using apple cider to carbonate a batch of beer. It's a (hopefully) somewhat malty "harvest porter" with some unmalted spelt and oats in addition to standard porter grains. Because of the harvest theme I had the thought of using apple cider to carbonate. I...
  17. lowtones84

    Advice on simple show mead?

    Hello everybody, This is my first post in the mead forum but I've been brewing for a few years and I am kind of a raw honey fanatic. I want to try my first mead and I want to do a simple, semi-sweet show mead with some local star thistle honey that I really like. I don't want to buy much (if...
  18. lowtones84

    Best online retailers for NJ area?

    Hi everybody, I just moved to NJ a little over a month ago for grad school. I'm in Montclair and don't have a car, so I was wondering what online retailers people use. I don't really need recipe ingredients at the moment because I have bulk grain and some hops, but I need some bottlecaps and...
  19. lowtones84

    Improvised Fall Beer

    So I'm poor because I just moved to northern New Jersey for grad school but I would like to brew a fall beer. Limitations other than being broke: 1) The only grain I have is a sack of German pilsener malt and oats from the grocery store. 2) I have a fairly small apartment with a somewhat...
  20. lowtones84

    Dialing in a house pale ale

    So I'm getting pretty close to what I really want as my "house" pale ale, which started with Edwort's recipe of course! I started with his recipe, tweaked slightly the second time, then tweaked a little more. I really like where it's getting, but ideally I would like a bit more of a "bready" or...