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  1. rockgardenlove

    34/70 1 pack into 5 gal @ 50 degrees - will this work?

    Doesn't look that active but I've never used lager yeast before. I pitched it in at cold temp and then stuck it in my 50 degree cellar. I'm only really using it because it's too cold for ale. Thoughts? Think it'll go dormant? What should I expect to see? Thanks interbrewers
  2. rockgardenlove

    Portland nugget grow

    Nugget! First yield, didn't prune at all, so they matured at slightly different rates on different stalks. So a few are a bit browner. Smell great!
  3. rockgardenlove

    Numbers of plants?

    Is it useful to plant one plant per strain or do I need more to put a meaningful amount into beer? What's a recommended number per strain? Thanks!
  4. rockgardenlove

    Mid-brew question - High preboil grav - Postboil dilution or hop more?

    So I used the roller mill instead of the Corona at the LHBS this time (thought roller mill was for "bulk" bulk orders - turns out roller was for bulk pale malt in an all grain batch and Corona is intended for specialty grains...derrr) and my efficiency went from 60 to 75 just like that...
  5. rockgardenlove

    Half wheat recipe critique?

    Could I get some comments on my half-wheat beer? Lemme know what you guys think! Thanks! I look forward to the thoughts of those more experienced than I. Type: All Grain Date: 1/6/2012 Batch Size (fermenter): 5.00 gal Brewer: Boil Size: 6.22 gal Asst Brewer: Boil Time: 60 min...
  6. rockgardenlove

    US-05 and US-04 at 48-50 deg?

    Turns out my cellar is cold beyond the specs of my ale yeast. I have a cream ale and porter in there now. They've been in there around 3 days now, and besides a slow start look healthy and airlocks are bubbling away. Could this turn out badly? Might the beer not finish right (attenuate...
  7. rockgardenlove

    Long neck thermometer question - how far in does it need to be?

    Hey, I've got my long-neck thermometer inserted through the lid of my pot, This means only the bottom 2 & 1/2" are actually in my heating mashwater. Will this give me accurate readings? Not quite sure. Thanks!
  8. rockgardenlove

    Copper manifold - too offcenter?

    So here's my new copper manifold so I officially have a normal-ish mash tun. As you'll see, the connection between the bulkhead and the manifold is a bit short, so the manifold isn't quite centered. I could fix this before tomorrow - my brew day. But I don't really want to, unless it could...
  9. rockgardenlove

    Extra space under false bottom - mash volumes?

    Hey, So I'm building a cheap rig out of a tamale steamer, and am using the steamer insert as my false bottom in conjunction with a BIAB bag. Picture in my other threat, here: All discussion assumes 5 gallon...
  10. rockgardenlove

    Should I drill more holes in my false bottom?

    Attached is the mash tun I just made using a tamale steamer. I plan to place my BIAB bag inside of the tun for a sort of hybrid tun/Biab setup. I intend to fly sparge. Should I drill some more holes in my false bottom? Let me know yer opinions. Thanks!
  11. rockgardenlove

    Cold break practices

    I have an immersion chiller. After cooling the wort, should I be siphoning the wort out of the boil kettle leaving behind any trub or junk? I've been chilling my batch and then dumping it all into the fermenter. Just trying to diagnose some chill haze I have on this batch. Thanks!
  12. rockgardenlove

    Porter and Pale Ale - any harm in long primary?

    They've been going about two weeks now so far, and I was wondering if there would be any harm in waiting another 3-4 weeks before bottling. Thanks!
  13. rockgardenlove

    Storing yeast cake without beer on it?

    Hi, I bottled a beer 2-3 days ago and left the trub and yeast in the bucket. Is it still good to throw more wort on top of in a day or so? Thanks!
  14. rockgardenlove

    Hoppy Pale Ale Critique -- about to go to lhbs

    Hey, here's a pale ale I'm looking at brewing. Any thoughts before I buy stuff? Grains/Extracts/Sugars 11.5 pounds 2 Row Base 37ppg, 1.5°L 9 pounds 78.3% Amber 32ppg, 35°L 1 pound 8.7% Crystal 60L 34ppg, 60°L 1 pound 8.7% Munich (Dark) 34ppg, 20°L 0.5 pounds 4.3%...
  15. rockgardenlove

    Silicone o rings

    Is there any way to source these locally? I'm looking for the high temp ones for a weld less connection.
  16. rockgardenlove

    SQ14 Burner

    Is this available in store at any Home Depots? It says online only on the website but after looking over the internet it sounds as if they are available in store at least some of the time. Thanks!
  17. rockgardenlove

    Looks like my efficiency is pretty low...can somebody check my math?

    So I brewed an IPA. Here's the grain bill: 10 lbs 2 row .5 lbs crystal .5 lbs munich 10# * 37 ppg = 370 points .5# * 34 ppg = 17 points .5# * 35 ppg = 17.4 points ********************** 404.5 total points / 5 gal = 80.9 ppg I planned for 75% efficiency, so 80.9 * .75 = 60.7 points...
  18. rockgardenlove

    Biab sparge calculations

    Hey, Last batch I somewhat arbitrarily divided up mash and sparge volumes. For my hef I mashed 11 lbs grain with 4 gallons of water at 150. I then dunked the bag into 3 gallons 170 degree strike water and added that to my wort. This I boiled down to 6 gal. Any suggestions for my process...
  19. rockgardenlove

    Cooler mash tun

    I gotta say, isn't leaving 150 degree water in a cold beverage cooler going to leech plasticy chemicals out? I'm just somewhat confused by this choice for holding hot water. The insulation makes sense but plastic + hot water feels wrong. Have there been any discussions on this? I searched but...
  20. rockgardenlove

    Grain bag for biab mildewed

    I think somebody put the lid over the bag while drying and now there are mildew spots. How to clean!? Thanks!