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  1. bornandraisedlv

    New to cider

    So I getting 10 gallons of apple juice from a well known local cider brewery next weekend that does some great dry style ciders. Just wondering what yeast all of you are using for your dry style ciders? I see a lot about knottingham and some wlp002? Also seems like a secondary for a couple...
  2. bornandraisedlv

    1650w Element and Step Mashing

    So I ran my first brew yesterday on my new panel and I wanted a drier style for this batch and mashed in at 143° and then the plan was to step up to 153° and then mash out at 170°. Well stepping from 143° to 153° with 16.5lb of grain and 5.5ish gallons of wort and my 1650w element just wasn’t...
  3. bornandraisedlv

    Brew Panel layout and cutting

    So I have ordered all of my parts and have my box and will be cutting everything out this weekend. My plans are at this moment to measure and draft everything out onto paper, make the cuts on the paper and then trace those cuts onto my panel. As I have never done anything as plotted out as...
  4. bornandraisedlv


    Going to raid my inkbird ipb16 to make my own box and looking for an ezboil if anyone is looking to get rid of one. Thanks
  5. bornandraisedlv

    Herms recirc and Grainbed issues

    So I have been having some issues with getting a good flow and at times any flow out of my tun and through my herms. I’m getting lots of grain through my false that does settled out at right around 30-40 mins into my mash. But the entire mash I am trying to fix very low flow out of the tun...
  6. bornandraisedlv

    WTB - Inkbird ipb-16

    Title says it all. Looking for one, figured I would ask here before I grab one from brewhardware.
  7. bornandraisedlv

    RTD to inkbird ipb- 16

    Just wondering if a xlr to 3.5mm converter cable would work to run an rtd prob on an inkbird ipb-16? I am assuming it will but anyone have any experience with converting to 3.5mm?
  8. bornandraisedlv

    Is it done?

    I brewed a Affligem clone 3 weeks ago and racked to a secondary a week ago. I did a gravity check at that time and was surprised I it was at 1.008. Still wanted to let it sit for another week to let the 1388 clean up a bit. So tonight I go to look at it and it has little streams of bubbles...
  9. bornandraisedlv

    Yet another controller question

    So I have made the partial jump to electric brewing with putting a 1650w 120v element in my hlt that houses my herms coil. I’m controlling that element with a non ssr bayrite unit and am thinking I made a mistake by going the cheap route here. So with that said I’ve been looking at some of the...
  10. bornandraisedlv

    eHerms - low efficiency

    I am on my third batch now running my new eHerms set up and I’m having some efficiency issues that google searching is not helping me figure out. I will use my most current brew as a baseline. 9lb 12oz Belgian 2 row Pilsner 2lb 4oz Munich Light Malt Mashed in with 3.5 gals of water at 163°...
  11. bornandraisedlv

    eHerms question

    Not sure if this is the right spot to put this. But here goes. So I just put my eHerms /hlt together and noticed that the return arm of the coil is pretty much touching my element. Will this create any issues with either the element or creating a “hot spot” on my coil?
  12. bornandraisedlv

    Split brew day

    I’ve done some research and I am not seeing a definitive answer on this so I am going to go ahead and ask the question based on my scenario and plan. I have a 3 year old and a 5 year old and while supportive of me brewing the wife is not super excited about a 5 hour brew day, especially now...
  13. bornandraisedlv

    Cold + blow off tube + star-san *second use =?

    So I failed to change my blow off tube to an airlock once fermentation had calmed down on my last batch. Well today I pull into the garage and see my heater is on in my fermentation chamber. I decide to take a look to make sure everything is A-ok and my beer is sitting at 34° (heater failed me)...
  14. bornandraisedlv

    10 - Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier clone

    Brewing this on Friday and wanted to get input on the build. What would you change an why?
  15. bornandraisedlv

    Efficiency - Where did I go “wrong”

    Just want to get some insight as to where I lost efficiency. I realize that it’s not a huge deal but would like to know any areas I could improve on. I had pretty good mash efficiency with 86.1% but my final dropped to 59.79%. Here was my build: 13.25 lb (6.01 kg) two-row pale malt 0.6 lb...
  16. bornandraisedlv

    Chugger Pump

    So today was my first all grain brew day and found out when I went to recirc my mash that my pump wasn’t working. Pulled the head off and the magnet will spin about a half turn and then binds up a little. I set the magnet to right where it frees up from the binding and turned the pump on and...
  17. bornandraisedlv

    WTB - SS Coil

    Looking for stainless steel coil for eherms set up.
  18. bornandraisedlv

    WTB - 10 gal mash tun

    Just getting started on my first all grain set up and looking for one of the converted igloo or something similar.