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  1. Padstack31

    KegWorks 13 Facts. Fact or Fiction?

    True, according the brewer's association there are 1,558 as of April 30th, 2010.
  2. Padstack31

    Thank you HBT...ECB is about to open!!!

    Thanks Revvy...your definitely one of the guys I've learned a lot from over the years...let me know if your ever in town, I owe you a tour and tasting
  3. Padstack31

    GABF 2010. Who's Going?

    We will be pouring there for the first time, stop by the Emerald City Beer table and say hi!!!
  4. Padstack31

    What is the name of your "Brewery"

    Emerald City Beer Company...because I'm a Seattle brewer and I love this city!!!
  5. Padstack31

    Thank you HBT...ECB is about to open!!!

    We are really excited to be on tap soon as well, you'd be a huge help if you could tell your favorite bars that they have get Dottie's Seattle Lager on tap from the new Emerald City Beer Company. We are trying to get the word out. Yep, growlers and corny fills will be available about a month...
  6. Padstack31

    Thank you HBT...ECB is about to open!!!

    I doubt you'll be on a smaller scale, we have a 0.5BBL brewhouse making us one of the smallest production breweries in the US. Thank goodness we found a contract brewer willing to work with us until we can afford our own large scale system. Look into Brooklyn Brewing, they have book called...
  7. Padstack31

    Thank you HBT...ECB is about to open!!!

    We are starting off super scrappy. I'm 28 and wasn't able to raise enough capital to build out our own large scale system right off the bat, so for the time being we will continue to do all the development on my converted keg system. I had a guy weld an old keg in between another keg so that I...
  8. Padstack31

    Thank you HBT...ECB is about to open!!!

    Fellow Homebrewers... Wanted to send a quick shout out to all of you that have supported my growth as a brewer over the last few years. I've read many of your posts and learned so much from this site. Thank you! After many moons of planning and dreaming, we are all set to open Emerald...
  9. Padstack31

    I am looking to buy a keg

    Checkout Craigslist, I've seen some great deals on slightly used systems that'll save you a bundle...
  10. Padstack31

    Question about the necessity of a secondary

    I don't know of any commercial breweries that don't use a secondary as part of there process...regardless of additional flavoring... You want to get your beer off the trub...that crap is made up of dead yeast, cold break and other crap you don't want messing with your beer's flavor... In my...
  11. Padstack31

    One Year Fermenting, Now What?

    I wouldn't go the forced carb route...that'll give you bigger bubbles in the head Naturally carb that mother, you'll get a denser head that's made up of smaller bubbles
  12. Padstack31

    Why Oxiclean?

    It's called Excel and your right, you feel the oils leaving your skin on contact and that was diluted...fully concentrated, you have a matter of seconds to wash it off...brewers have emergency showers for a reason Alkaline to clean...water to neutralize...then an acid to sanitize...don't...
  13. Padstack31

    More ferment & gravity questions

    Gravities can be off in an extract kit...if you boil off more water then the recipe is calculated for then you'll concentrate the wort slightly and cause the gravity to increase...but you mention good things to check too.
  14. Padstack31

    More ferment & gravity questions

    Your right that the secondary will help clarify your beer, and it's good to move them after the initial krausen (foam) is gone. Usually 7 to 10 days. If you take readings often, you'll see that the beer drops gravity pretty quickly during that first week and then falls a little slower rate...
  15. Padstack31

    Understanding a 3 Tier Brewing System

    I built a hybrid of these two systems....mine is a 2-tier system with the HLT and Kettle on the lower tier and the Mash on the top. This allows me to pump my sparge water from the HLT on top of the mash and then gravity feed from the mash into the kettle...then i can use the pump to push the...
  16. Padstack31

    Is aeration during mash-in ok?

    I think you have more to lose by not properly stirring up the mash and ensuring you have a no-dough balls then you do by worrying about a oxygen at this stage. Commercial breweries have stirring rakes in there mash tuns to ensure the water and grain are properly mixed, it's my understanding...
  17. Padstack31

    Made a Mistake, What Can I Expect?

    david_42 is right on...the yeast change will have a big impact bringing fruit notes to a beer style not normally known for fruit but an OG of 1.053 should ferment out nicely probably yielding a nice session beer around 5%... let us know how it comes out, maybe save some to try after brewing...
  18. Padstack31

    Successful brew party with my first and second batch

    awesome, congrats on the brews...never really have found a brown ale that amazed me but like yourself, hefes are year around for me...belgian wits too
  19. Padstack31

    Partial Boil Extract Brew

    i think so...never been a big fan of the brewing concentrate and then adding water to dilute method...with proper equipment, you should be able to brew your batch size all at once and is the purest way to brew in my opinion That said, unless your adding something like double the volume in water...
  20. Padstack31

    Propane Burner

    using two of those in my system...they have no problem bringing 15 gallons to a boil and holding...I highly recommend