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  1. SchillingBrewing

    Best beers to try?

    I'm compiling a list of beers that I need to try and I guess there are a lot of beers out there that people talk about a lot but I don't know much about because I live in a small town with limited availability to craft beers outside my area. I'm looking to build the list for a few beer swaps I'm...
  2. SchillingBrewing

    Apple Extract

    So I'm making an Apple Wheat beer for a competition where I am to take a basic recipe and add one ingredient to make it different. So I chose to add apple to a wheat beer recipe. Are there any differences between using apple extract from a company like Brewers Best and using some that I can...
  3. SchillingBrewing

    Slimy Sanitizer

    I left a bucket of sanitizer with some brewing equipment in it for a few days and when I came back the sanitize and everything in it had become slimy. Is this bad or is it OK to just rinse off and use my equipment? I left it because I got too busy to use the sanitized stuff the day I filled it up.
  4. SchillingBrewing

    Wood Alcohol from fermenting?

    So I have a friend that tells me his dad knows of some people who started being something like a cider and ended up with wood alcohol (methanol). My question: Is methanol even a possible by product of fermentation? I was always under the impression that methanol only when distilling a wash.
  5. SchillingBrewing

    Homebrew Competitions

    Does anyone know of any good homebrew competitions near Laramie, WY? Or does anyone know of a website where I can find a list or calendar of yearly homebrew events near Laramie, WY?
  6. SchillingBrewing

    GABF Apparel

    So I went to GABF this year on the Saturday afternoon session and managed to get myself drunk before I had the chance to buy myself a shirt or hat or something from the shop there. Does anyone know where I can find some apparel or such from the 2013 GABF? I would love to have a shirt, hoodie, or...
  7. SchillingBrewing

    Ferment in a pumpkin!

    So I've heard of people trying this before and decided I'd like to see what it's all about. I'm making a partial grain pumpkin american wheat beer. Although the majority of the beer will be fermented in a typical fermentation vessel, I thought it would be fun to ferment a small position in a...
  8. SchillingBrewing

    Possible fermentation problem?

    Over the past few brews I have made, the final product has been tasting fruity. Each beer has been different (Bock beer extract kit, English bitter extract kit, dry stout extract kit) but they gave all had a distinguishable fruity flavor that is a little overwhelming compared to the other...
  9. SchillingBrewing

    DIY kegerator or store bought kegerator?

    I just want to hear some opinions on who feels that a better kegerator would be store bought or homemade. What are the possible pros and cons? Right now I'm looking at a used mini fridge for $35. It is big enough to fit one (maybe two) corny kegs plus a CO2 tank. But then I have to buy the...
  10. SchillingBrewing

    Types of beer. Learning about the varieties.

    I know a decent amount about beer but I see varieties of beer on this forum that I actually don't know much about. Like a saison and many others I just want to learn more about the varieties of beer and how to tell them apart. So my question: are there any good videos, books, or sites that I...
  11. SchillingBrewing

    My 1st Experimental Brew

    I wrote a post yesterday about an experimental brew that I want to try but so far it looks like it hasn't got much attention. I thought maybe if I put it here maybe more people will see it. --->I just decided that I wanted to experiment a little after having done a few extract brews to the T...
  12. SchillingBrewing

    Chocolate Wheat Beer

    Chocolate Wheat Beer Extract: -1 can Muntons Wheat Extract (40 pint kit) Grains: -1.0 lb crushed Chocolate Malt (Briess) -0.5 lb crushed Biscuit Malt (Castle) -0.5 lb crushed Carapils (Briess) - for head retention (can also use Torrified Wheat for head retention and body) -0.5 lb crushed...
  13. SchillingBrewing

    Secondary Questions

    I just have a few questions about the secondary fermentation. When racking to a secondary can I add any more yeast to my batch to get the fermentation going again or is that not advised? Also what is the stance on using yeast energizer and yeast nutrient in beer brewing? I use it in my mead...
  14. SchillingBrewing

    Slow take off? Possible problem with brew

    So I started a extract brew about a week ago (Coopers Irish Stout) and I prepared it exactly as the instructions specified. I have even kept it at a steady 24 degrees Celsius however I haven't noticed the airlock bubbling at all and I check it often. The yeast looks like it may have made a layer...