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  1. Padstack31

    Thank you HBT...ECB is about to open!!!

    Fellow Homebrewers... Wanted to send a quick shout out to all of you that have supported my growth as a brewer over the last few years. I've read many of your posts and learned so much from this site. Thank you! After many moons of planning and dreaming, we are all set to open Emerald...
  2. Padstack31

    What makes a good beer logo to you?

    Open to any and all comments. I'm designing a beer logo for a small micro start-up and want to know what stands out to you. What makes a beer logo really stand out to you?
  3. Padstack31

    Fremont Brewing, Seattle, Earth - Opening this Spring

    Seattle Area Homebrewers, Wanted to let all my fellow homebrewers know about a new brewery that is opening in the Fremont area of Seattle in this Spring. (AJune 2009 is the current plan) Check us out at: Welcome to Fremont Brewing Company! | Fremont Brewing Company Be sure to sign up...
  4. Padstack31

    Help me with Christmas Ale Label

    So I just bottle up a couple dozen bombers of Noel's Christmas Ale and was thinking about giving them out as gifts to friends and family this year for Christmas....problem is, I don't know the first thing about creating labels. I have never done any graphic design and I'm not even sure I have a...
  5. Padstack31

    Show us your Milling Station

    So I've decided to get off my ass and finally finish building my milling station. I bought most of the pieces (motor, sheaves, belt, mill, etc...) about 9 months ago but i just moved and it's just fallen down on my priority list. I have a pretty good idea of what I'm hoping to build but I...
  6. Padstack31

    Kettle Strainer...

    So I'm looking to make some modifications to my Kettle (which is a converted keg...Keggle) to improve the process of sperating the wort from the trub at the end of the boil and before I run it through my plate chiller. (yes I do a whirlpool before I start to draw off the wort) However, my...
  7. Padstack31

    Does size matter?

    Now that I got your attention, please take a sec to answer the poll above... What's your typical batch size?
  8. Padstack31

    How serious are you?

    From the brewers I have met it seems that just about every home brewer has, for a moment or many hours, thought about going pro. Be it inspired by the story of someone in the industry who got his/her start home brewing just like us or maybe it was the rave reviews of friends and family that...
  9. Padstack31

    Sight Glass Question

    So I bought three of More Beer's sight glasses.... MoreBeer | Sight Gauge - 16'' I just conducted my first boil on my Keggel and noticed that as the water approached boiling water would sprout out the top.... Anyone encountered this, how do I solve it...
  10. Padstack31

    What countries have you had a beer from?

    So a co-worker of mine just returned from Aruba and brought me back one of there beers. The brand is called Balashi and it's a Pilsener that is "Brewed with Aruba's pristine Water..." I can't wait to try it. Got me thinking about the random countries I have had beers froms, like Japan...
  11. Padstack31

    Propane "Y" Splitter

    It took me forever to track down this part, so I figured I would share it with you. It's a propane tank "Y" Splitter so that you can heat both your kettle and HL tank at the same time off one tank. Thought I would put this up here so that when the next guy searches for it, they can find...
  12. Padstack31

    How do you store your ingredients...

    Like most of you, I keep my grains in either a plastic bag (Ziplock) or plastic bucket and always some place dry and cool. Yeast goes into the fridge until it's time to make a starter but I'm curious as to how you store your hops... Normally I keep mine in the freezer but was wondering if...
  13. Padstack31

    Water ?

    Does anyone know of a good source to use in match beer styles to water profiles? Thanks
  14. Padstack31


    Does anyone know where I can find sheaves with a 3/8" ID...both my motor and mill need to have 3/8" bore diameter sheaves and I can only find 1/2" or there a way to get a 1/2" to work with the 3/8" Thanks
  15. Padstack31

    Should I be worried?

    I ordered a couple of beer kits from Great service, fast shipping all in all a great experience but when my ingredients arrived the yeast was a little warm to the touch and same for the hops. Afterall, I do live in the beautiful desert of Las Vegas and we don't have a local brew...