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  1. 29thfloor

    Straining/filtering beer after it's been kegged and carbed?

    A couple months ago I made a Belgian Milk Stout and then decided to add 5 lbs of strawberries to it in secondary. And then for some reason that wasn't enough so I decided to add half a bottle of Adult Strawberry Milk in the keg. The beer now looks like this: It doesn't taste bad...
  2. 29thfloor

    Ultra-Ever Dry - Can I use this on my equipment? So like, can I coat all my equipment with this stuff and never have to clean anything again?
  3. 29thfloor

    8.9% Tripel w/ Brett still not carbed after 5 months in the bottle

    I made a Tripel over the summer that's been in the bottle since some time in Sept and there's still no carbonation at all. The came in at around 8.9% and I added a vial of Brett B and some oak cubes soaked in a sweet mead in secondary. For whatever reason I thought the Brett might factor into...
  4. 29thfloor

    My Ward Labs Report: What Does It Mean?

    Just got the results from my Ward Labs water report. I'm not sure what I'm looking for but based on some other threads I've read it sounds like maybe alkalinity is pretty high (116)? Would you brew with this water? I've used it for yeast starters and in brews with about a 3:1 ratio of...
  5. 29thfloor

    1L starter + 500 ml starsan = ?

    I just made a 1L yeast starter and forgot to dump the starsan out of the flask before adding the wort and yeast. It was about 500ml of starsan solution. I'm guessing I don't have to worry about an infection but is the starter still usable? Will that much starsan lower the ph too much? This might...
  6. 29thfloor

    Adding longer beer line to picnic tap

    I've been using a picnic tap with 3' of beer line and getting a lot of foam so I bought 10' of line and now I can't figure out how to switch it. Can I just pull the picnic tap off the end
  7. 29thfloor

    Is my kegged beer finished carbing?

    Just started kegging with my latest batch and I'm still a little confused on force carbing. I initially set it to 30psi and shook the keg for a minute or two and let it sit for 24 hours. Then I shook the keg again and brought it down to around 14psi. This is a Dunkelweizen so I'm going for...
  8. 29thfloor

    New CO2 Regulator leaking?

    I just got my first keg and I'm trying to figure out how to use the regulator with the CO2 tank. I'm pretty sure I have everything connected correctly but when I open the tank it seems like gas is coming out everywhere (like from where the gauge connects to the top of the regulator which I'm...
  9. 29thfloor

    Bottling a young lambic

    I brewed a lambic about 4 months ago using the Northern Brewer Dawson's Kriek extract kit. It sat in primary for about 3 months and then I racked to secondary on top of 6lbs cherry puree about a month ago. When I racked to secondary I pitched another all grain batch on the (Lambic Blend) yeast...
  10. 29thfloor

    Found a baby dragon in some washed yeast

    My fridge died yesterday and I didn't have anywhere to put a bunch of jars of washed yeast so I was in the process of dumping it when I found this in one of the jars: Anyone ever seen anything like this?
  11. 29thfloor

    BMC building their own bars now?

    I just noticed construction on two new places in my area... one of them has a coming soon sign with a Budweiser logo and the other one is father along and looks like it's going to be called The Miller Willow Grove Ale House or something like that. Is this a new thing or maybe just new to this...
  12. 29thfloor

    Reusing yeast cake from a sour beer

    I recently got my first sour beer going using the Wyeast Lambic Blend. In the past I've washed yeast and reused it and I'm wondering if I can do that with this one. Does it make sense to trying washing yeast that has other bugs in it or should I just pitch another beer right on the yeast cake?
  13. 29thfloor

    4L starter in multiple containers

    I need to do a starter somewhere in the 3-4L range but I only have a 2L flask. Can I do a 2L starter and then split the yeast between two containers and do 2L starters in each to get a 4L starter?
  14. 29thfloor

    Infected batch - cap comes off with explosive force

    I've been holding out hope that my first all grain batch from earlier this year wasn't infected but I'm pretty sure it is. After around 3-4 weeks in the bottle I was getting gushers. I thought maybe they just needed more time, but it's been several months now and they're just getting worse...
  15. 29thfloor

    Which grain for a SMaSH Simcoe Double IPA

    I have 8oz of Simcoe I'm thinking about using for a double IPA and since I'm using all one hop variety I figured this would be a good time to try a SMaSH brew. What would be a good grain to use for this? I actually wouldn't even mind something with a lot of malt flavor... I guess it would end...
  16. 29thfloor

    Converting AHS recipes for batch sparging

    I'm doing my second all grain recipe from Austin Homebrew and I'm trying to figure out how much water to use for a batch sparge. The instructions it comes with just say to use 5 gallons and fly sparge until I run off 6.25 gallons. I'm assuming I would just subtract the first runnings volume...
  17. 29thfloor

    Weird looking yeast cake (I know, RDWHAH)

    I recently made a batch of Graff with Nottingham yeast and the yeast cake looks really weird. I'm not so much worried as much as just curious what might cause this. It has almost a cellular structure to it, almost like you're looking at something with a microscope. The only clear shot I...
  18. 29thfloor

    stuck fermentation. more yeast?

    I brewed a Trois Pistole clone back on 11/5 (OG 1.090) and just checked gravity today and it's at 1.026. According the the recipe (mini-mash from austin homebrew) it should finish out at 1.014 so it seems like it's stuck. Austin Homebrew Supply The weather did cool down a lot within the...
  19. 29thfloor

    Apfelwein or hard cider

    I'm looking to do something with apple juice/cider but I'm not sure if I should do apfelwein or hard cider (or even what all the differences are). From what I've read it sounds like an apfelwein will finish more dry than a cider and have a higher ABV? Anything else that sets them apart?
  20. 29thfloor

    What does this mean?

    I was just reading an article about how Victory is stopping production of Old Horizontal barley wine until they can expand to a bigger location. This was the reason given: “It’s very time consuming to produce since we can only take the first runnings of our wort,” he said. Does that mean...