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    Leslie Gulch star trails
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  8. cracked1

    Brew Pump Woes

    I was having overheating issues when I would pump boiling wort through my CF chiller. I added two vent holes with ABS grates near the motor and a PC fan blowing air out of the box. The fan is wired to the pump switch so if the pump is running so is the fan. It does a great job pulling cool...
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    Jeep pics
  15. cracked1

    Christianity and home brewing

    I have a tap handle I made out of a Buddy Christ figure. My wife's very religious grandmother was over and I noticed she had a pint of lemon blonde. I asked what she thought of it and she told me, "I figured if it was coming from Jesus it had to be good!" Now she makes sure to tell everyone...
  16. cracked1

    keg vs kettle

    I use keggles and my boil off is about 1.5 gallons. I've boiled 13.5 to end up with 12 but I used fermcap to reduce chances of a boil over. Not sure I'd do a batch that big without fermcap.
  17. cracked1

    Barrel-Aged Beer. Some questions

    This site talks about some of his experience with a barrel and has links at the bottom to some BYO articles - My brew club has done a few different barrel projects. We've done bourbon, port and different...
  18. cracked1

    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    Yes please! Thanks to all the vendors involved!
  19. cracked1

    Bottled 1st brew today

    Yeah, wort pre-fermentation can seem a little (or a lot) off. After tasting a few batches of pre-fermentation wort you can start to get a good idea of what the finished product will be like depending on the yeast you're using. Keep on tasting it at different points in the process to help build...