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  1. boo boo

    The Home Made Pizza Thread

    My latest done on a Akorn Griller [/URL] And one I did before that one [/URL]
  2. boo boo

    Best value Grain Mills

    The reason for it, I was told, is that the excessive shredding of the husk by a corona mill produces more tannins. In any case that is the only variable I changed, and my problem disappeared, so I have to say for me it was the mill.
  3. boo boo

    First lager advice

    So have anyone experienced any fusels and esters when doing a warm pitch of lager yeast?
  4. boo boo

    Tired of being "close"! should be the first book you read. Good luck.
  5. boo boo

    Best value Grain Mills

    The best value mill. That's a question that's subjective. Depends on your values. I had a corona knockoff , and still do. It gave me reasonable crushes after I got accustomed to it and I made some award winning beers from it. One thing that was constant was the astringency issues I always had...
  6. boo boo

    Southern New England Regional Homebrew Competition

    Good luck on your entry. The organizer says so far they have 334 entries to judge.
  7. boo boo

    Cheese won't work.. And I live in Wisconsin..

    True. I made Gouda last night with store bought Homo milk and it took like 1 hour to get a clean break, which wasn't too bad considering the milk. Anyway it's on the smoker now for smoking at 73f and then into the cave to dry out before waxing it. Sorry for the poor quality of the picture.
  8. boo boo

    Cheese won't work.. And I live in Wisconsin..

    Yeah, that and I thought it was Cacl2 that aided the solidifying of the curd using store bought pasturized milk.
  9. boo boo

    New Brewery In Ontario

    Great interview Jared. Congrats again.
  10. boo boo

    Weather, we got lots!

    Everything seems early this year. All the berries I normally pick later are already ripe. We had a very hot summer this year that we normally don't get. My hops are ready to be picked now and usually they aren't ready until late September.
  11. boo boo

    Farmhouse Cheddar Pictorial

    Keep in mind that the weight of the cheese and the style of the press determine the actual weight needed to form a particular cheese AFAIK. I found out the hard way with my press and doing Gouda that called for a final weight of 40 pounds was for a 5 pound cheese and a larger mold than I was...
  12. boo boo

    cheese wax

    I inspect my cheese every day for mold, but so far haven't seen any. Making sure your cheese is dry and like Yooper said keeping the humidity to an accepted level extends the ageing process. I plan on trying to age my cheese a while if I can just keep from sampling it to death. That's the reason...
  13. boo boo

    Do second harvests happen?

    2 full batches of Miller Lite......:D
  14. boo boo

    New Brewery In Ontario

    So, Jared, when are you turning pro, if you already haven't :mug::mug: And congrats to your win this year of Canadian Home Brewer of the Year.
  15. boo boo

    Smoked cheeses?

    I used my offset to smoke them and I also did another cheese or two yesterday that I'm getting ready to wax for aging. I couldn't wait for one to age at all, and had to start eating it. Now it will be hard to keep my hands off the others and let them age a while.
  16. boo boo

    Frequency of Thermopen sales?

    Yeah, I love mine too. So accurate and fast it puts all others to shame.
  17. boo boo

    RIP Neil Armstrong

    RIP, man. You were a legend in your own time.
  18. boo boo

    New Brewery In Ontario

    Anyone travelling to Ottawa, Ontario region of Canada, should check out the beers offered by this new brewery . I have had the Honey Ale before he went pro and can tell you it is a great brew. Also had one of his Rye ales.. also good. Although the...
  19. boo boo

    Leaky keg?

    If you are sure you aren't leaking CO2 out of your kegs or connections, then it is best to keep the CO2 on all the time IMO. If you are leaking CO2, find and correct the leak. CO2 isn't cheap.
  20. boo boo

    Boiling Lobsters in the e-HLT

    Yup, steaming them is the way to go. I got 4 lobsters yesterday when they went on sale for $5 a pound. I actually also got 10 pounds of locally cultured mussels for .99 a pound and steamed those too. Good feed for sure.