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  1. greencoat

    This site taught me how to brew. I'm now the VP of my area's 20+ year old brew club.

    As the title says, I started brewing with the help of this site and Papa Charlie's book "The Complete Joy Of Homebrewing Vol 3". If all goes according to tradition, I'll be the President of my homebrew club, DRAFT come January. So, I'd just like to say "thank you". Homebrewers are a rare...
  2. greencoat

    Dayton's biggest homebrew comp is coming - and you should enter!

    Heya, Buckeye brothers (and sisters!) Dayton's largest (only?) homebrew club, DRAFT will be holding it's annual BrewFest competition on Saturday, September 14th. It's open to all styles and brewers from everywhere. You can register online at DRAFT's website. Also, for what it's worth...
  3. greencoat

    So I make these tongue-in-cheek beer reviews...

    Thought you fellas might enjoy some video beer reviews that aren't super dry, or done by someone that takes their hobby too seriously. Or you might hate it - and that cool. Cheers!
  4. greencoat

    Blonde Ale Bitter Blonde

    This recipe is calculated at 68% efficiency. I'm extremely happy with the way it turned out - dry and medium-light bodied, with a lasting head. Easily my favorite beer I've ever made. Grain bill of a blonde, more hops than many IPAs. I kicked the five gallon batch in just under two weeks...
  5. greencoat

    Altbier Norther German Altbier (Best In Show)

    10.7 lbs of grain in the mash: 9 lb Pilsen 1 lb Munich Dark 0.5 lb Crystal 60L 0.2 lb Roasted Barley Strike your mash with 4 gallons @ 161F and rest for 75 min. Target mash temp is 150F. Vorlauf and collect first runnings. Sparge with 5.1 gallons @ 177F. Collect second runnings and prepare...
  6. greencoat

    Milled last night, brewing this morning.

    I'm sure it'll be fine, but I wanted to check with the fine folks of HBT to get an opinion before I brew today... I milled my grains strait into my Igloo MLT last night for a batch I'll be brewing in about an hour. Will I lose any flavor/do any harm in general by having crushed ~8 hours ago...
  7. greencoat

    I'm having a difficult time with serving.

    Alright, I recently starting kegging and have had a lot trouble with pouring good pints. In my current set-up, I have 10 feet of tubing on my beers (~12 psi) and 20 feet of tubing on my soda (~20 psi) all being stored at 40*f, using party taps. I'm getting nothing but foam on most of my pours...
  8. greencoat

    Does this look like a good Mild??

    Doing my first low ABV today with this proposed recipe - any thoughts/improvements to make it a better mild?? 6 lbs Mild Malt 1 lb Munich 8 oz Chocolate Malt 4 oz Roasted Barley Mash at 154f 1 oz EKG (5AA) @ 60 Ferment ~64f w/ US-04
  9. greencoat

    Upgrade opinions!

    Alright, so I'm getting some decent overtime on my next pay check. I could pay off some credit debt, yes - or I could buy new brewing equipment. The answer is obvious. I've got about $200 to blow, and I really need a burner for 5 gallon batches so I can move my operation outside and get off...
  10. greencoat


    It's vacation time in the Outer Banks come Friday, and I'm gonna need to find a good beer store or brewpub. Anything I should seek out there?? Thanks!
  11. greencoat

    Extracting color from hops.

    In an effort to make my next hop bomb, I'd like the beer to be slightly green itself. I made a rose hefe a while ago and put an ounce of roses in vodka for a few weeks. The vodka extracted the color and flavor from the roses - would it have the same effect on hops?? I'm not too concerned...
  12. greencoat

    Homebrew review video

    I popped the last bottle of my ESB last night, and figured I'd review it for remembrance sake.
  13. greencoat

    Pacific Jade hops

    Has anyone had any experience with these?? I remember seeing something about them in BYO a couple months ago and my LHBS just got some in. I bought two ounces of Pacific Jade and a ten pound sack of MO for a SMaSH I'll hopefully get to brew tomorrow. Just wandering what I can expect. I'm...
  14. greencoat

    New Photoshop is NUTS

    I figured some label geeks like myself would enjoy this. This blog post has a video in it showing Photoshop's newest tools. They are seriously game-changing. I'm terrified of the price tag, but I think I'm about to upgrade from 7 for this one.
  15. greencoat

    Mashed at 170F :(

    Alrighty, so the other night I brewed my second batch of my Mo'fug Smash series. The idea is to use 10lbs MO and 3oz Fuggles in five different beers changing hop schedule, mash temps, etc - changing the process instead of ingredients. Well, on my first batch I accidentally mashed very high...
  16. greencoat

    Netbook help - please!

    I suck at PCs - I've been a Mac user for as long as I've had my own computer. I recently got an Asus EeePC netbook (model 1005HAB) and it was doing fine until I put Windows 7 on it - now my function keys aren't functioning and I can't turn it's wi-fi on. I feel like such a nub over here. I've...
  17. greencoat

    Extract to AG conversion question.

    So I'm planning on remaking this recipe again for Christmas (I like getting started early, ok?) except I want to do it all grain this time. My extract version used 6.6 lbs Light LME and 3.3 lbs Amber LME, how would I go about converting that to all grain?? What grains can I assume they used to...
  18. greencoat

    Cherry Cola?

    Hey everyone, I'm planning n making my dad some Cherry Cola to celebrate 6 months of sobriety (he was a raging alcoholic for a loooong time.) Does anyone have a good recipe for a cherry cola/Dr. Pepper type drink?? Many thanks!
  19. greencoat

    Do my homework!

    Ok, just kidding. Kind of. I'm taking an Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management class and need to come up with a Pro Forma Startup sheet for a (drum roll...) brewpub. I've scoured the internets for the past couple hours trying to find places that sell new/used brewing equipment (I'm...
  20. greencoat

    A SMaSHing series of brews.

    Alright, I've been bit by the SMaSH bug. My first AG batch was a simple MO/Fuggles SMaSH and I loved it. After tasting how delicious a SMaSH can be, I want to run a series of three or four brews using the same exact ingredients (in this case: 10 lbs MO and 3 oz Fuggles, WL007, and Dayton...