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  1. FunkwerksAddict

    Bottle Cleaning / Grolsch Bottles

    I'm just trying to clear up a couple of gray-areas when it comes to bottle cleaning; hopefully you guys can help me out. I've been using oxi-clean for label removal of commercial bottles and was wondering if that is a good cleaner to use for cleaning out the insides of the bottles? If so, what...
  2. FunkwerksAddict

    Growing Hops / Wet Hop Recipe?

    I'm a certifiable hop-head so cascade, nugget, centennial, chinook, etc. would all be very useful. From what I've read, most varieties do pretty well here in Colorado (we have pretty temperate summers most of the time and a lot of sunshine). I also have a friend who is planting 4 bines this...
  3. FunkwerksAddict

    Growing Hops / Wet Hop Recipe?

    Thanks for the feedback! I'm basically only planning it now so that I make sure I buy the right rhizomes for it. Although its still a bit of overkill because its not like I couldn't find an equally compelling use for any high AA hop variety. To be honest, just getting them to grow properly...
  4. FunkwerksAddict

    Growing Hops / Wet Hop Recipe?

    I'm reserving hop rhizomes this week and I'm trying to decide what variety of hops to plant. The recipe I'm thinking about making is a wet hop rye IPA (see below). Just wondering if anyone has attempted a wet hop rye beer before? I'm basically using a recipe that I already have and...