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  1. LibertyTrailBrewing

    Kegco K309

    I'm currently researching Kegerators and I'm considering this one: I've looked all over for some reviews on this unit but came up with zilch. This unit looks very similar to the Kegco...
  2. LibertyTrailBrewing

    How much priming sugar for a Scottish 80?

    I've got a Scottish ale in the fermenter. I am planning to bottle when finished. I know that Scottish ales are typically lower carbed beers. I am hoping someone with some experience with this style can tell me how much priming sugar I should use for a 5 gallon batch. Obviously its not the...
  3. LibertyTrailBrewing

    Coleman Xtreme 52 Qt. Cooler on sale at Kmart

    I know this has become a popular cooler for mash tun conversion. They are usually pretty pricey at $55, but Kmart has them for $32 right now.... so I pulled the trigger and picked one up. Just a heads-up for anyone thinking of pulling the trigger on one of these :mug:
  4. LibertyTrailBrewing

    Help with new all grain setup

    I've only done two successful extract/specialty grain brews, but I'm already looking to jump into all grain. I've been researching the all grain process quite a bit... maybe too much..... on the threads and in books. Now I feel like I'm on overload with the info and I'm having trouble making a...
  5. LibertyTrailBrewing

    LTB First Label

    Hey guys/gals: I just finished bottling my very first batch. This past week I've been teaching myself to use Inkscape to create a logo and some labels. I don't have any design experience, so this took me quite a while to put together. I kept the design simple and kind of old school...
  6. LibertyTrailBrewing

    Best designed immersion chiller?

    I'm planning to buy an immersion chiller and would like some feedback regarding which immersion chiller has the best design for my purposes. Here are some specifics of my situation: 1. I have a Bayou classic 11 gallon kettle that is about 17" high 2. I plan to do 5 gallon full boil batches...