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  1. SnakeRidge

    Tennessee 6.5 Gallon glass Carboy

    I've got an extra carboy for sale, never used. Local pickup in Nashville 37206. $25, but I'll be flexible with a new brewer who needs equipment. I got this as a gift several years ago, but never needed it.
  2. SnakeRidge

    Free Bottles in Nashville

    I put this in the free bottle thread, but I'm putting it here too for the locals. I've got about 100 12oz longneck de-labelled clean bottles and a handful of 22oz in the same condition. If you want'em, come and get em'. The vast majority of the bottles were Sweetwater bottles without the...
  3. SnakeRidge

    Car Wax

    The wife and I just bought a new (to us) car and I'm seeking the board's combined wisdom on Car Wax products and techniques. This is the first car I've ever owned that I really have any interest in keeping nice looking. I usually drive beaters and keep them running until they die and then buy...
  4. SnakeRidge

    Tennessee Hops- Questions

    I have a 4 year old Cascade hop crown growing in my back yard. Very nice plant, very productive each summer. The situation is this; I'm moving in August and I would like to pass this beaut onto another hop farmer, I'm not taking it with me. Right now, the crown is still dormant. I assume it...