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  1. MeanGreen

    Texas 14.8 cu. ft. Chest Freezer

    I just moved houses and am changing my keg setup due to space issues. That being said I am gong from a chest freezer to upright fridge. I am going to sell my chest freezer and wanted to offer it on here to a Home Brewer first before craiglist. I bought this in 2010 used and it been used...
  2. MeanGreen

    British Bitter Crystal Malt help

    Was hoping for a few thoughts on mash temp with my grain bill and yeast choice. This is based on Goose Island HOnkers. Many threads out there including one from the brewers say 20% Crystal but I've toned it down. 81% Us 2 Row 10% Crystal 55 UK 2.5% Crystal 37 Uk 5% Torrified Wheat 1%...
  3. MeanGreen

    Fruit Fly and buying more yeast

    Ok just got ready to pitch a giant Munich Lager starter for My oktoberfest when i peel back the foil to 5-6 fruit flies. I'm hesitant to chuck it but don't want to risk the batch. So I am going to go get new yeast but not until Monday. Can my wort last for 436 hours while i wait to get...
  4. MeanGreen

    Oktoberfest Yeast Question Ale v Lager

    I am brewing a 10g batch of Oktoberfest, recipe below. 78% Vienna 18% Munich II 4% Caramunich (may remove) 2 oz each of Hallertau/Tettnang for 25 IBU Mash at 152 I only have the capability to lager 5 gallons of it, (kegerator with temp control). So I am going to use and ale yeast...
  5. MeanGreen

    MY regulator will not go above 12 psi

    I have this 3 gauge regulator from Kegconnection I've had it for about a year. The first line closest to the Co2 tank works fine up past 30psi and can force carb. The second line, which has a tbar that i run 3 lines off of, wont go above...
  6. MeanGreen

    Stuck Fermentation, know the options just need advice

    I brewed BM's Outer limits IPA about 2 weeks ago It called for a mash of 45 min at 159 degrees. I hit that right on. OG was 1.070 right now I am stuck at 1.030. I have been stuck on .03 for a week. I tried rousing the yeast 3 days ago with a sanitized spoon. I am at a crossroads now...
  7. MeanGreen

    Beer in regulator question

    I have been keggin for awhile. I have a dual regulator with one line dedicated to force carbing and the other regulator line on a T serving 3 kegs. I was carbing a brown ale and I overfilled my keg and got beer back up into the line and the regulator. I've read a bunch of threads regarding...
  8. MeanGreen

    help with High Gravity Marzen

    Hope someone can help me with some lingering questions. We re-brewed our version of our fest beer, based on 75% eff. (Recipe posted) below. We really hit a home run and ended up with near 89% efficiency, with our starting gravity at 1.070. This is way out of style. I feel that although...
  9. MeanGreen

    Old Lager Yeast, is it viable

    I need some help and the search function can't quite seem to solve my issue. I got some yeast from my local Gordon Biersch. The lager yeast they use I believe is the Weishstaphen Lager. Anyway this was Feb 10. Its been in my fridge since then waiting for me to start my lagering. I am ready...
  10. MeanGreen

    HBT Hall of Fame

    I've been using this board for over a year now along with my brew partner BadgerBrewer. Today I got to thinking, we should have some kind of hall of fame for posters. Vote in maybe 2 a year or something, maybe do some group brew for their most famous/favorite recipe? There are so many...
  11. MeanGreen

    HBT Hall of Fame

  12. MeanGreen

    Wort and Dieting

    I am increasing my waste line with this hobby How bad in theory is unfermented wort to drink. Isn't it the sugars that are so fattening in this I have no interest in brewing a mich ultra clones
  13. MeanGreen

    Critique my amber

    BadgerBrewer and myself are venturing out into the world of recipe creation. Our second beer is an amber. I was targeting something along the lines of Bells Amber. I want the hops to be there, especially aromatically, but not overpower and drive me into pale ale range. I also want...
  14. MeanGreen

    Help with OverCarbonated Keg

    Ok, I've tried searching and piecing together from the forums how to handle this I had a pale ale in a cornie. I was leaving for Chicago on a Friday for a week. I follow the 30 psi for 36 hour method So I turned it to 30 psi with the intent of telling the SWBO to turn it off and bleed it...
  15. MeanGreen

    AHS Belgian White Clone

    I got the extract recipe for this in over the Holidays. Unfortunately we had to travel unexpectedly. My neighbor left the kit at room temp for the last 5 Days. I have the White Labs yeast in there with a Cold Pack. Is my yeast still good? I immediately put it in the fridge since I wont be...