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    will my temp control plan work?

    i am a poor college student and barely managed to scrape together a keggerator and pay the extra electric bills. i keep hearing that i need to control my fermentation temps and i want to try. I was thinking since its the very beggining of fermentation that gets the hottest and has the most...
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    what will filtering water change?

    Greetings once more! I havent been on in a while due to a very intense semester of chemistry but I am back to brewing and once again have questions. I was thinking of buying a water filter for my brewing but wondered if that would change things about my water i can not measure. I have a water...
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    What do I need to become a professional brewer?

    I want to brew beer for a living either as a brewmaster somewhere or open my own brewery one day. I switched my major to food science which means i now have three more years of college and after that i was planning on going to a brew school. Is that all it takes or should I be doing something...
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    alright whos guilty?

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    Priming Apfelwein

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    why are they called corona mills?

    is there some affiliation w/ the beer?
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    how much sugar

    how much sugar should i use to prime 4 gallons of cider in a keg?
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    AB brewmasters special reserve

    any thoughts on this brew? for those who dont know its a dubbelbock i think and i thought it was none too shabby
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    alright whos guilty?

    when u first started out did u make the obligitory how can i get more abv from my beer post? i did.....
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    ever forget whats in your fermenter?

    i have seven fermenters full and have no idea what is in two of them. this ever happen to u all? Just remembered one is a chocolate porter! i really need to keep track of this
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    confused kegger

    i just hooked up a new keg (my third) and tried to force carb quickly by shaking it. i only get a little drizzle from my tap does this mean its not carbed yet? i would think it would still push flat beer? any thoughts?
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    i have a leak!

    I filled my tank yesterday and it was at 600 psi now its at 500 psi which is in the fill gas section. I only got two kegs out of my last tank so there must be a leak. evey connection is tight and i put soapy water on every gas junction and no leaks to found. could my disconnects be on wrong...
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    i need to name my brewery

    Any ideas i could steal?
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    what happens when co2 runs out?

    when i run out of co2 will i just not be able to push beer or will it go flat or will o2 start to enter the keg? i imagine it will jsut stop being able to push the beer which i can live with (for a short while) but just in case i thought i would ask
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    no head from keg

    i just kegged my first two beers. if force carbed at 30 psi and shook it until it was carbed. i then served at about 8 psi and it is carbed but there is no head at all. its not the glass bc i get head from commercial beers. wats goin on here?
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    more simple kegging questions

    wow this is my fourth post about kegging in two days. i must be confused. i have two more questions: normally if i bottled this it would have two more weeks to age at room temp. will this beer age and improve in the keg if it is refrigerated or should i either secondary an extra two weeks or...
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    can i purge 02 after i add beer?

    topic says it all
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    bought a keg system today

    ok i put everything together and it pushed soapy water no problem but i can hear gas moving when the pressure is above 10 psi. should it b totally silent no matter how high i turn the pressure? im not sure if i hav a leak or not.
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    shank question

    are shanks different sizes or is it universal for brewers? Im tryin to figure out what size holes to drill in my brand new free fridge!
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    how to clean a keg

    i just got my first corny and i need to clean it out. i took it apart and i dont know waht to use to clean it or to sanatize it before putting beer into it. also the posts for the disconects were on rediculously tight do they always hav to be so tight?