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  1. kXb

    Big Mouth Bubbler closed transfer to keg??

    Has anyone ever done this? I need some serious advice on the matter! Already fermenting and will need to close transfer in the next few days.
  2. kXb

    C02 regulator affected by tank size??

    I have a 5# C02 tank and was told by my lhbs that the pressure gauge doesn't accurately reflect fullness/emptyness of the tank (vs same gauge on larger tank would be more accurate). Has anyone ever heard of that? I suspect I have a leak somewhere and am concerned that if I can't trust the...
  3. kXb

    Postponing the yeast pitch & not chilling wort

    I dweebed out and forgot to get my yeast out yesterday but I really need to get started on a batch of beer tonight. A brief look around tells me that postponing the pitch isn't a problem as long as cleaning/sanitizing is good (which it is). My big question is what about chilling wort?? My...
  4. kXb

    last minute biggie size to mini mash???

    I need to make 10g of a recipe for my son's wedding. I was going to do a 5g this weekend and 5g next weekend because of my brew equipment and intention to do a BIAB with full volume. The brew store messed up and pulled mini mash quantities so I went with it (that's what I started brewing with...
  5. kXb

    Ball lock posts won't work with quick disconnect!

    I'm putting a used ball lock corny keg to work for the first time and my quick disconnect won't fit. I have already learned the lesson the hard way about the difference between in and out posts so I'm 100% confident I'm using the in post. The problem is the QD won't click in real's...
  6. kXb

    natural carbing in keg...FAIL! Fixable?

    I made a Belgian Farmhouse Ale for my first kegging attempt. I decided upon tasting out of secondary that it needed to age a bit so I chose to natural carb in the keg. I used half the amount of corn sugar as I would have had I been bottling (per advice on forum), placed keg under ~10psi and...
  7. kXb

    Quick disconnect on wrong post while keg conditioning....what now?

    First time kegger rookie mistake! I didn't notice that the gas in post was slightly different than beer out post and got them reversed on my keg. I put gas quick disconnect (QD) on and pressurized in order to keg condition at room temp. Now I'm having trouble getting the QD off. I know...
  8. kXb

    Iodine test fail

    I got all excited when I bought iodine to use in my first BIAB effort to determine when mash was complete. I tested at various points during the process and saw no black wort. It seemed a bit strange that I didn't see a progression from dark to light with the various samples. Afterwards I...
  9. kXb

    Keezer build-parts list confusion

    I've seen various keezer builds and have designed my conversion but all of a sudden, I have myself so damned confused now that I'm in the part buying process. The only purchases made so far are ball lock kegs and Perlick 630SS faucets. I of course want to be thrifty but am ok paying for an...
  10. kXb

    Hydrometer and refractometer discrepancy

    I was excited to try my new refractometer, Hanna Instruments Hi96811, to measure my Oatmeal Stout. I calibrated with distilled water and then checked reading again and got a reading of 0.0. I then checked my stout and got a brix of 8.0. This device has auto temp control and when converted to...
  11. kXb

    When to worry about OG & FG target vs actual

    I brew partial mash 5g batches and ferment in my keezer at the recommended optimal temp of the yeast manufacturer. I would like to know when I need to worry about the discrepancy between my target og/fg vs actual. I'm consistently lower than targeted OG and FG is usually a little short or a...
  12. kXb

    Mini mash brewer - use igloo drink cooler for mash tun?

    I am a partial boil mini masher and always find the 45min mash process a pia on my propane burner. I am having to monitor temperature constantly and turn the flame on and back off again. I was going to use my 10g igloo for this process but from what I've read, that will result in too much...
  13. kXb

    Cider backsweetening experiment using fruit syrup?

    At the first of June, I started a 5g batch of apple cider using Red Star Cote Des Blancs yeast. It's in secondary now waiting to clear. Once it's clear I plan on dosing with potassium sorbate and campden tablets then backsweetening. I know many people use juice concentrate, honey, brown...
  14. kXb

    Place cider in hibernation mode?

    I started up my cider a week ago and it is still very active. Used Red Star Cote Des Blancs, yeast nutrient, and temp is regulated at 65 degrees. It's possible I will have to leave town when it's time to rack to secondary and my housemates aren't able to assist. Would it cause a problem if...
  15. kXb

    Dry hopping mess??

    HELP! Following directions for my brown ale which says to bottle after 5-7 days in secondary. It has been refrigerated during that time at ~63degrees and I pulled it a couple of days ago to let it settle prior to bottling but it is CLOUDY big time (hops were sprinkled on top per brew store...
  16. kXb

    serious o.g. problems

    left the dh in charge of final brew day steps because i had an appointment. for some reason he was unable to check hydrometer reading after chilling wort/before yeast pitching. he says it wouldn't float in the wine thief even though there was plenty of beer in there at 68 degrees. he went...
  17. kXb

    Is it necessary to dry siphon/bottling tubes?

    i notice that after i clean my brew equipment, the bottling and siphon tubes take forever to dry. my cleaning method is to run hot soapy water through, rinse with clean, and hang to dry. to me this seems like a mold growing opportunity. do i need to be concerned about this? if they...
  18. kXb

    priming sugar ready but i'm not!

    i've already mixed up my priming sugar and have cooled to room temp but now i've decided i'm not going to bottle tonight. can i let it sit 1)out on counter or 2)in fridge until tomorrow?? i realize if 2) i might need to let warm up a tad before pitching. help! by the way this is for a hard...