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  1. Henbrew

    12 hour brew day from hell!!

    I use around a 0.037-0.040" mill gap with my Brewzilla. I recently started grain conditioning before milling and was surprised at how much it helps. I typically get around 80% efficiency. I wouldn't worry about the clarity at this time, it should clear just fine over time.
  2. Henbrew

    Coffee beans or coffee malt for coffee flavor?

    I make coffee brown ales/porters pretty often. I roast my own beans so it's always nice to try them out in my beer too. I just add 2-3oz of whole beans before I cold crash. Less is often more IMO. My last porter I added 3oz and I feel like the coffee overpowers the malt. Still a great beer though.
  3. Henbrew

    Cold Crash & Bottling Temperatures

    You won't have any issue bottling at those cold temperatures. There won't be any significant change in the volume. If you use a priming calculator it will typically ask for the temperature of the beer. Don't use the current temperature but rather the temperature it finished fermenting at...
  4. Henbrew

    How many pounds of roasted coffee in 2022?

    10 + 2.5 = 12.5lb Roasted 2.5 pounds so far this year in my Behmor. 1/2# mocca java (coffeebeancorral blend) 1/2# Papua New Guinea Organic Purosa AX FTO 1/2# Ethiopia Organic Yirgacheffe FTO 1/2# Kenya Peaberry Plus 1/2# Four Horsemen (coffeebeancorral blend)
  5. Henbrew

    Is my beer fermenting?

    Looks like it’s starting to show signs of fermentation to me.
  6. Henbrew

    Is my beer fermenting?

    It's definitely showing signs of fermentation from the looks of it but hard to tell without a gravity reading. Depending on how cold your basement is and the type of yeast, it might take a little while to get started. The airlock isn't always a great sign of fermentation as there maybe leaks...
  7. Henbrew

    How Many Gallons Brewed in 2022

    121.75 +5.5 gallon NEIPA = 127.25
  8. Henbrew

    Just Started BIAB Brewing - What is This in the Wort

    That's just cold break from chilling, nothing to be concerned about. Simply put, it's the proteins in the wort coming out of solution. Some will filter it out, many will leave it in. It might look like a lot when it initially settles in the fermenter but it will compact down quite a bit.
  9. Henbrew

    Fermentation Chamber Heating Recommendations

    I discovered that my 18watt fan actually provides plenty of heat. It's my go to heat source when I want to rise the temperature 5-10°F over ambient.
  10. Henbrew

    First Wine

    I have a Malbec kit going right now, went from 1.101 when I first pitched and hit 1.040 after 6 days @66°F. I did a Chardonnay kit a year ago, went from 1.093 to 1.040 after 11 days @55°F. Should be no issues leaving it in primary until you get back.
  11. Henbrew

    More on degassing

    Potassium Metabisulfite is typically added before degassing and should help scavenge oxygen. Oxidation is more likely to occur by leaving too much headspace in the secondary vessel after fermentation. It's possible to attach a Vacu Vin wine stopper to a carboy bung and pull vacuum on the vessel...
  12. Henbrew

    Robobrew/Brewzilla Discussion

    I've had this issue many times with mine as well. I believe that when the kettle heats up during the mash that it creates a hot pocket below the grain which creates a large discrepancy. On the batches where I can manage to keep the recirculation rate a bit higher it seems to really help even out...
  13. Henbrew

    Are hipsters ruining craft beer?

    I’m more partial to the clear American IPA styles, although I don’t mind some hazy IPAs. Perhaps my biggest gripe is the lack of information provided on the malt and hops that go into a beer. If all I can see is a name and art on a can of IPA then what am I making my decision on?Even with wine I...
  14. Henbrew

    Are hipsters ruining craft beer?

    It is bad when I go to a store to look at the craft beer section and have no idea what the hell I'm looking at... well, it's all IPA but that's about all the information I can usually deduce.
  15. Henbrew

    Fermzilla fitting in chest freezer?

    I think you'll be fine with the diameter. The stand does not add to the diameter.
  16. Henbrew

    Keezer Design

    I like the idea of blowing the air through PVC with a return, simple and effective. As long as you insulate it well enough you should be good to go. Whatever you do, I'd build this outside the wall just to test it out.
  17. Henbrew

    Dry Hopping in pressured fermenter.

    CO2 pumped into the liquid post @1 psi, remove gas post, and then add dry hops with a funnel. Likely not the most bulletproof method for keeping oxygen out but as I mentioned, I never have had oxidation issues.
  18. Henbrew

    Dry Hopping in pressured fermenter.

    I keep a constant flow of CO2 going into my Fermzilla when dry hopping (regulator around 1psi). No detectable oxidation with my hoppy beers.
  19. Henbrew

    Liquid PBW!

    You're not alone... as meticulous as I am with my brewing, I always "eyeball" my PBW when cleaning.
  20. Henbrew

    Robobrew/Brewzilla Discussion

    I'm interested too, I did a step mash in my last brew and the temperature overshot by quite a bit. I did a protein rest at 122F and then it ramped up to my mash temp of 154, however I was reading temperatures 165+ before it stabilized. I don't have any major issue doing a single temperature mash...