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    Exchilerator Maxx with 25w pump

    It chills alot faster, yes but since the flowrate is so low, it takes about as long to get it in the fermentor as with the immersion chiller. With the immersion chiller you don't have tubes going all over the place and it doesn't require as much effort/time cleaning. The purpose with a CFC is to...
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    Exchilerator Maxx with 25w pump

    Hello! I've had some issues with my counterflow chiller and my pump. I am/was using the Exchillerator Maxx (7 meters) with the 25W MK2 pump from Kegkand. The thing is, I only got a quart or something per minute out of it. When not connected to the chiller, there is good flow in the pump (i think...
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    Scale diameter

    Hello! I've been wondering. Does it affect the readings if the bucket i measure my malt in is wider than the scale? Let's say i use a 15 liter bucker with a diameter of 30cm and the scale has a diameter of 23cm (just making numbers up). Will that give a different result than if the whole area...
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    Juice instead of sugar

    Hello! I'm making a perry from a Mangrove Jack's kit. I'm feeling a bit adventurous so I'm considering substituting the 1kg sugar to pear juice. What would happen if I do that? All I can think of myself is added pear flavour. Equal ammount of succrose and fructose should ferment the same. Or am...
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    How much volume is added from honey?

    @videojunkie1208 Well, OG isn't 1.060, my goal is to have a post backsweetened FG of 1.060. I am going to ferment it as a normal mead with OG 1.10/1.11 and step feed it until i reach desired abv. If all the honey was to be added at the same time OG would be about 1.150. @Maylar . Thanks for the...
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    How much volume is added from honey?

    Hello! First of all I just want to say that I suck at math. I'd be more than happy if someone would correct any potential faults in my calculations/reasoning. Also, sorry for my bad england. As I said, math isn't my thing and english isn't my first language . So, a little TL;DR for y'all: 1...