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    A simple way to make plastic PET bottles as oxygen-proof as glass (almost!)

    Quick introduction: i'm a first time cider maker with limited prior homebrewing experience. I've made plenty of mistakes but learnt loads of things during my current cider project. One of my many mistakes was to inocculate my rather acidic cider with a commerical malolactic strain of bacteria...
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    First time cider make - will my cider turn to vinegar?!?

    Hi everyone. I messaged a few weeks ago asking for help to get my first batch of cider to ferment. Well, finally, i'm pleased to say that a major aeration led to fermentation at last!!! I have just bottled my 5 gallons and tried to avoid air contact but i'm really worried that it's all going...
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    First time cider maker no fermentation after 2 weeks help

    Hi folks. I'm new to this forum and new to cider making but have a tiny amount of brewing experience (making elderflower "champagne" annually for about 5 years now). A fortnight ago i pressed a load of apples - a blend of eating and cooking but mostly eating - from a local orchard and from...