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    Sugar water starter

    Alright guys - I’m gonna pitch what I got! Go get ‘em little 1496 buddies!
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    Sugar water starter

    I have 1 cup of 1469 slurry that’s about 6 weeks old. I figure I should do a starter, but I’m all out of DME. Would it be better to just pitch the slurry as is, or to try a starter using only sugar? I know they say not to use sugar, but would it really matter? The beer I’m thinking of making is...
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    water kefir grains

    I ordered from and was very happy. She is based out of MI
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    Old Ale Blends

    I found wy9097 on aih, if anybody else is looking for it. Usually, I bank my yeasts, but I’ve never used mixtures, much less brett. Do you think you could bank these successfully?
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    Old Ale Blends

    Where’s the best place to get the wyeast?
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    Drinking your starter

    I cold crash the starter the night before. Then, during the boil, I decant and give it some time to warm up prior to pitching. The Wy1469 I used today tasted a lot like a cider! I don’t think I let the starter go long enough because it had a slight residual sweetness. But you could do an...
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    Drinking your starter

    My stir bar is currently at the bottom of my fermenter. Drat…
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    Drinking your starter

    It’s common for folks to make hop teas in order to learn about a new hop or to train their palate. I’ve recently started doing the same thing for yeast to learn more about what flavors the yeast brings to the party. When I cold crash my yeast starter and decant off the liquid, I drink it! Since...
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    Christmas ale recipe without adjuncts

    Ok - looks like a lot of others had this idea too. All of the examples I looked at seemed to end badly, hmm…
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    Christmas ale recipe without adjuncts

    I kind of want to try something like a simple Guinness plus chocolate rye, fermented with Voss. Maybe dry hoped with something citrusy. Did you ever have one of those chocolate oranges at Christmas time? The artificial orange note might be just right for the milk chocolate from the chocolate rye…
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    Christmas ale recipe without adjuncts

    What temperature did you ferment your Voss pale ale at?
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    Christmas ale recipe without adjuncts

    I wonder how the combo of Voss and Idaho7 + Amarillo would turn out?
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    Christmas ale recipe without adjuncts

    I had the same idea that you did, which is how I found your post. I had been thinking of trying to get the orange flavor from hops; hadn’t considered using Voss. I haven’t ever used that yeast - how much orange does it throw?
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    Christmas ale recipe without adjuncts

    Did you brew this?
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    Bitter water for no boil brewing

    I want to try no-boil brewing to shorten my brew day for days when I don’t have a lot of time. From what I’ve read, you don’t really need to boil to eliminate dms unless you are using Pilsen. So that just leaves bittering hops as the main reason for a 60 min boil. The plan: a day or two before...
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    Baby Bottle Sterilizing Fluid.

    No - this could potentially attract babies to your fermenter.
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    The Concord noob challenge

    I’ve made beer and cider but I have never made wine. I grew enough Concord grapes this year that I could possibly do a gallon batch. I hadn’t planned on making wine, so I boiled the grapes to get the juice. I now have 3-4 quarts of this. Is that a non-starter? The plan: add enough sugar to get...
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    Bye-Bye BN Forum?

    Double damn! That’s where I learned to open a twist-off using my eye socket!
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    What can I make out of this?

    It will totally beer. Just need to decide how much cascade to use and when edit: centennial, not cascade
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    Anvil Stainless Bucket Fermentor - thoughts?

    The stainless fermenters look great, but I find that I need 2-3 fermenters. So I use buckets for now. You can get a 6-gal bucket and lid from uline for $10, provided you buy at least 5 of them. You can probably get 5 spouts from amazon for another $15-20. So you can have 5 fermenters with spouts...