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    first time cider questions

    So I plan on making a cider for the first time today and I just had a couple of quick questions....sorry if they have been answered already on this forum I have read that it is important to dissolve the campden tablets in the cider and let it sit for some time. Is this necessesary, if so how...
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    better head retention?

    what are some ways that people out there increase the head retention of their beers? I usually add a little bit of malted wheat to most of my beers, but i was wondering if there was anyting else that you could do. My IPA has the best head retention ive ever gotten and it didn't have any wheat...
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    crappy day of homebrewing

    well it was bound to happen eventually.... so i smashed my 6.5 gallon carboy this morning while i was wasthing it, glass everywhere, and no primary fermenter for the batch that is already on hte stove. Looking back, i should of rushed out to the LHBS and gotten another one, but i just figured...
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    recomend a good Bitter/ESB?

    So im brewing a Red Tale Ale clone this weekend, and after that i am thinking of doing a i bitter of some sort. Anyone out there care to recomend a good extract recipe? Im looking for something nice and balanced with a good traditional british hop presence. Thanks for your input!
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    Do professional breweries ever use extract?

    I was just wondering whether malt extract was ever used by professional breweries or is really just a homebrewer thing? just something ive been curious about....
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    Homebrew Clubs (Baltimore!)

    So how many people out there are homebrew club members? never been to one but i kind of wanna check it out. I like the idea of talkin with other homebrewers, and especially gettin some non biased feedback from people who know way more about brewing than I do. What are peoples experiences with...
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    morebeer ground grains

    so i ordered a pound of crystal from morebeer about a month ago and i ordered it ground thinking i would brew that batch sooner than i did, but i havent gotten to it yet. I havent opened the vacuum seal bag it came in, but since it is pre-ground, i am still woried about deterioration...
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    Brown? Porter? I dont know what it is but i like it!

    so i posted a while ago about my first original recipe (i came up with based on ingredients i had on hand)...well, i brewed it and just tasted it and i must admit, i was really quite impressed. it needs about a week more to carb, but it still tastes pretty good, really nice in...
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    brewing a tripel...any advice?

    So Im brewing a (extract) tripel this sunday and was wondering if anyone out there had any advice or suggestiosn to keep in mind with this style. I just made a big starter for WL530 yeast, and have some yeast nutrients on hand to add to the wort.... anything else? Im excited about this batch...
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    best beer ever...what's yours?

    this is a general, and maybe stupid, question but id be very curious to hear your responses.... What is the best beer you've ever brewed? have you brewed it again and were you able to replicate it? (feel free to post recipes) maybe this is an impossible question because my favorite beer is...
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    saaz in pale ale?

    Anyone ever use saaz as a finishing hop in a pale ale? I have some saaz on hand and was just wondering how it would trun out. only used it in dubbels so far i think
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    big bottles for big beers?

    I was just wondering if anyone has noticed a difference in bigger beers that need more aging time that were aged in larger (than 12 oz's) bottles as compared to the normal 12ers. I just drank the last bottle of a dubbel i brewed over the summer and i noticed that the bigger bottles seemed to...
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    morebeer trippel

    just curious, anyone out there tried the morebeer trippel kit? i havent used a kit in a while but have had good luck with their kits in the past....I just ordered one and was wondering what kind of experiences people have had with this kit
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    First original recipe...any input?

    so until now, all of my beers have been based off of a recipe of some kind but seeing as how i have a good amount of extra ingredients from previous batches, i figured id try creating a recipe of my own with what ai have on hand and see how it comes out. anyway, here is what i was thinking...i...
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    so what are people brewing for the holidays???

    just curious....what are people brewing for the holiday season? one of my favorite parts of homebrewing is being able to create special beers for special occasions.... i brewed a spiced dubbel this afternoon, and just bottled an oatmeal stout. just wondering what other people have going...
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    steep temp was too the batch doomed?

    so i just finished brewing my spiced holiday dubbel (extract) and i made an embarassingly amature mistake while steeping. i stupidly left the kettle unattended for about 25 minutes after i added my specialty grains (at 150 degrees). when i came back, the temperature in the kettle was close to...
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    proper aeration?

    HI i was just wondering about how to best achieve proper aeration for yeast. I ususally just shake vigorously for a few minutes after pitching the sounds like good aeration is pretty important, will this provide yeasties with enough oxygen?
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    types of malt used for extract

    hey all i was just wondering how you could figure out what types of malt is used to make a certain extract...and would knowing this matter when it comes to formulating recipes? just something ive been pondering thanks .....what are people brewing for the upcoming holidays? i got an oatmeal...
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    oatmeal stout ???s

    Upcoming is an oatmeal stout and I was just wondering do I just steep the flaked oats in the same manner as the rest of the grains? I am using half a pound for a 5 gallon batch.... Also, what yeasts have people had good luck with this style? I have an extra WL british ale in the fridge, but...