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    What to use for control box on E-brewery build

    What is everyone using for their control box/enclosure on their electric builds? I've found a few online that are designed for this purpose (sealed, sub panels, ventilation, etc.) but they are all buku bucks. Ideally, I'd like the following: - HWD: 16"x20"x6" (or ballpark) - a single screw...
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    Looking for Meade recipies/recommendations.

    Hey all, My Dad has a couple hives in SE Michigan and wants me to make a batch of Meade that we can split. He gave me about a gallon of honey, so now I need to figure out what I want to do. For wines, we both defintely prefer full-bodied dry reds for the most part (zinfandels, syrahs...
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    Building a kegerator in my basement bar, from scratch

    Just wondering if anyone has heard of or thought of building a kegerator from scratch (wood + insulation + heat mover + a couple fans = kegerator). I'm going to start finishing my basement over the next year and I want to put a nice bar down there. So space isn't really all that much of a...
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    What did I do to my keg system?

    Hey all, need a little help here. I built up a kegerator system a few weeks ago, and I hadn't heard about how to "balance" the system. Anyway, I bought 15ft of beer line, and just split it between the three taps - So I have about 5 feet of beer line for each faucet. I hooked up 2 kegs that...
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    Newbie - this is not a breakfast stout!

    Hey all, I'm new to brewing and for my third batch I tried the breakfast stout partial grain kit from Northern Brewer. Ingredients: Instructions: The brewday went fairly smoothly...
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    kegerator sizing question

    Hey all, Can anybody give me a quick height dimension requirement for a corny kegerator? There is an under-the-counter refrigerator available to me at a killer deal, but I want to make sure it is tall enough to fit a corny. It is a Sanyo, but not sure of the exact model yet (haven't seen it)...
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    First Brew - going well; but did I break my Thermometer?

    Hey all, I'm new to the forums but have been lurking a while. I'm in the middle of my first batch (Brewer's Best European Bock), and things are going rather well - pretty uneventful but exciting nonetheless. Anyway, when I began my boil and removed the thermometer with a pair of tongs, the...