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    Off flavor three batches in a row.. so confused!

    Hello, I've been brewing a little less than a year now. I've made a little less than 10 batches, but a good portion of them have been great. Lately, though, my last three batches have had the same off flavor that I can not identify. I even brought it to a LHBS and they couldn't identify it...
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    Oatmeal Stout extract or partial mash

    Hello, I've wanted to make an oatmeal stout for a while now. Considering it's a good time of the year for a nice oatmeal stout, I'm thinking of making it my next brew. I was looking on Midwest or Northern Brewer (forget which one) and they've got the extract and partial mash. Now, I've never...
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    Amarillo Pale Ale with Amarillo hops only

    Hi everyone, I went by my LHBS tonight and got a pale ale kit similar to the Amarillo Pale Ale on Midwest Supplies. I requested the hops be substituted for Amarillo because I've heard great things about them and I've never had them. I noticed the kit on Midwest uses a combination of .5oz of...
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    First two batches of kegged beer taste like crap. Problem?

    I've had no problems with off flavors in my previous batches. Lately, however, my last two batches have an off-flavor that's tough to describe. I've heard of beers having a band-aid flavor so maybe my mind is just telling me that's what it is, but this flavor hasn't been present in my first two...
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    Wtf! Need help changing beer line in kegerator ASAP please

    Hi guys, So like a kegerator noob, I probably didn't think things through when I removed one of my beer lines from my tower in an attempt to replace it with longer lines. It was originally 5 ft and I got way too much foam so I just got 10 ft of 3/16. I was able to remove the beer line from...
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    Help finding a turkey fryer with pot

    Hi everyone, I'm getting very tired of doing my partial boils on my electric stove (and hearing my wife complain about how the house smells :p ). I have trouble even getting 3 gallons to boil. I'm actually wondering how much of an affect this is having on my beer since my wort temp, according...
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    Refrigerator Temp Controller or simple bucket of water

    Hello, My last batch made me paranoid about developing off-flavors in my beer. I made an American wheat and due to the summer heat, the fermentation temps got up to the mid 70's. It's sitting in the keg now and I can sense a bit of weird flavors that I'm hoping go away soon. For my current...
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    Still foamy beer from kegerator

    I kegged for the first time a few weeks ago, and have put off drinking from it up until recently so it could properly carbonate. A week ago, I poured a glass and it was decently carbonated. Tonight, I tried to pour one glass and three quarters of it was foam. After a couple of minutes, it...
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    Partially frozen beer in my kegerator lines

    Since I'm a kegging noob, and I just kegged my first batch a few weeks ago, I'm still finding myself with questions. Tonight, I went to pour a glass, and when I pulled on the tap nothing came out. I thought, "great, I'm one of the unfortunate ones that has a leak somewhere in my setup". Luckily...
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    Can't get fermentation temp low enough

    Hello all, I just brewed BM's centennial blonde tonight for the first time. It's hot here in Rhode Island (humid more than anything). For this beer, since I'm using Nottingham yeast, I'd really like to get the temps down to the mid 60s just to be safe. I currently have my swamp cooler setup so...
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    Determining temperature inside kegerator

    I kegged for the first time last Friday and I'm anxiously awaiting the results. I have an American wheat and I decided to go with the "set it and forget it" method at 12psi. My kegerator is a Sanyo 4912, which I understand is a pretty popular kegerator on this forum. I never measured my beer...
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    First time kegging and overwhelmed with methods!

    I know there's a thread on this, but I wanted to make sure I have a good understanding so I don't screw anything up. I just have a couple questions regarding kegging that I hope someone could help me with. I plan on kegging tomorrow for the first time. It's an American wheat that's been in the...
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    Northern Brewer 10% off discount code

    Not sure if this is mentioned anywhere (I couldn't find it doing a search). Enter coupon code at checkout. Catalog45732 It says it's valid until 7/31. If I'm not allowed to post stuff like this, I apologize.
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    Difficulty getting disconnects on corny

    I finally got all of my kegging stuff ready to go. Last night I went by my LHBS and got the last of what I needed - beer and gas disconnects and some extra lines. When I got home, I tried putting on the disconnects and for some reason, they would not go on. I know the gray one is the gas and...
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    Next batch is my first partial mash

    I'm planning on ordering an oatmeal stout (mmm) from Midwest. This will be my first partial mash. I've been reading a decent amount to get familiarized with the process. In addition to my 5 gallon SS pot I currently use, I also have a 2.5 gallon sauce pot for the sparge water. Is this pot...
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    Controlling primary fermentation temperature

    I brewed an American wheat for the summer a week and a half ago and put it downstairs since it's the coldest area of my house. The temp sticker on my better bottle is reading 70-72. It's been this temp consistently for the last week, so I don't think it will really go up anymore. However, I'm...
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    LHBS prices

    Hello, First, I want to say that this isn't an argument about whether or not home brewing is cheap, expensive, etc. In my homebrewing experience (only started this year), I've made extract beers with steeping grains. I plan on going to partial mash very soon, but right now I just don't feel...
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    Question on corny keg

    I found out that a local beverage company near my house has corny kegs for cheap (I think) so I went by to pick a couple up. I told them I was just looking for two ball lock kegs. They gave me two kegs, which they said they cleaned out for me, for $20 each. When I got home I noticed one of them...
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    CO2 tank

    I just picked up a couple corny kegs and my regulator is on its way to my house, so my kegerator setup is almost complete, but I've been looking for co2 tanks and was wondering if anyplace in particular has good deals. I picked up two used corny kegs from a beverage company near my house for $20...
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    Is a thermostat control required for kegerator?

    I'm hoping to have my kegerator setup ready to go soon and was wondering if it's essential for me to have a thermostat control. My kegerator is a Sanyo, not sure the model, but it has the dial inside that lets me adjust the coolness (1-6). I don't know the temperature inside unless I place a...