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    re-used yeast wont settle

    ive used a strain of yeast by wyeast 1007 german ale. i never harvest the yesast, i just repitch on old cake. this was the third generation and all of a sudden the yeast is taking much longer to settle. it is going but verrry slowly. the previous batches were much more flocullant.
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    using toasted flaked oats as an adjunct.

    so im still an extract brewer and of course would like to step into the world of grain brewing. i discovered you can toast oats and use them as a portion of fermentable sugars. can anyone point me in the direction of quantities to sugar proportions? and perhaps what temp i should mash at...and...
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    Quick answers please!(regarding malt or sugar)

    Alright i was at the brew store in my area, its a brewers direct and i asked the clerk how much malt to subistute for the brewers sugar. he told me 1 for 1. now im questioning his ability to help me as the malt extracts are 1 pound and not one kg. i havent brewed today yet so if i need to go get...
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    what kit is similar to a traditional ale?

    I recentally had a beer from BlackRock breweries (thay make the wheat beer called grasshopper) and the beer was called traditional ale. was one of the best beers ive tasted, and i was wondering what beer this wold be close to, perhaps an amber ale with medium dry malt? any thoughts please.
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    wine degasser for wort airation?

    i am new. i recentally brewed two batches (batch 3 and 4 for me) and airated them with my wine degasser. they were my first batches to need blow off tubes. can i attribute this to better O2 content? the problem with assesing this is that every batch i sort of improve. my first coopers dark ale...
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    hydrometer free brewing?

    ive decided i would not brew with a hydrometer for a few batches as i dont really care about final alcohol percentage. how many people out there have gone hydrometerless?
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    malt extract kit with no added fermentables?

    if i were to brew a coopers kit for instance with no fermentables what would my final alcohol percentage be? Id like a beer with low percentage for those days you want a cold one and dont want to get drunk (i know these days are few)
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    under carbonation or stalled?

    this is my second batch of beer. my first was a dark ale coopers and it carbonated in 5 days to excellent fizzyness. the entire time i could see the bubbles going in the bottles. on this batch which is a pilsner i never saw the bubbles in the bottles and after 4 days of no action the beer is...
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    8 year old kit.

    I recentally stared beer making after 8 years of not doing it. i was sorting my old equipment and i came across a niagra mist cranberry shiraz i never made. went out today to get the yeast as all i had was the the bladder in the box and the yeast would have been toast anyway. the guy at wine...