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    Getting the most out of the grains.

    All the brews i have done so far have been with extract and a small bag of grains steeped before adding the extarct. I was flipping though the clone brews book and noticed that for their newcastle clone, they have you dump the grains in a pot with 1/2 a gallon of 150 degree water, then strain...
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    Taste differences between using corn sugar or DME to prime?

    What flavors if any does DME add over using corn sugar to prime with? Im doing a raspberry wheat and a nut brown right now and was thinking about trying it with one.
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    Mmmmm. Raspberry wheat

    Lookin tasty so far! Just got done transferring to the seconday and adding the fruit. Check out the foam after only 2 hours. This beer was brewed a little too early.... I went to the supermarket to get some fresh raspberries and they were 3.99 for a 6 oz package! I ended up with three...
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    How long does it take to get off flavors from high fermentation temps?

    I pitched the yeast into my new raspberry wheat brew last night at about 11pm and stuck my fermenter in the basement which was about 70 degrees. This morning i woke up to a very active airlock, but according to the temerature strip on the side of the bucket, the brew is at 80 deg F! Before i...
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    Clearing up a fruit beer

    Im about to start my fruit beer tonight. Im hoping to have this and a nut brown done for the 4th. I was wondering what you guys have done to successfully clear up a wheat beer with real fruit in it. I plan to add sanitized real fruit to my seconday then rack to a tirtiry for a week to get the...
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    Uh Oh. Am i looking at bottle bombs?

    I assumed and i shouldnt have.... Last week i transfered my Irish Red (LBH Extract with some extra grain kit) to the secondary and let it sit till tonight. I filled my test glass with beer before i bottled and didnt actually take a reading until the bottles were capped and put away to...
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    First batch status

    Well, my first brew has been in the fermenter for a week as of yesterday. I realized i accidentily used the botteling bucket (one with the spigot) as my fermenter. :drunk: Well i drew off a sample and tested it with the hydrometer. I measured 1.016 (66 deg temp) and the extract kit notes 1.008...
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    First batch ever just went in the fermenter, but with one oops and a question

    Hey guys, Ive always wanted to brew my own beer, and finally got set up with all the equipment last week. Ive been reading this forum and the "" book by John Palmer as well as the book included in my start up kit since. Needless to say, my head is swimming from all this...