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    Morning Beer! That way you can enjoy your beer in the morning...
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    Now there's one way to get some meat to go with your beer...
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    Just a general one here...

    Anyone see this? It is getting to be pretty cool what students and people in their garages can do now.
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    Heineken Kegs

    OK... I remember a post recently about mini kegs, and people were talking about how much they cost and all... and then, while I was at the store, I noticed some Heineken mini-kegs, and they were going for about $20 each... full. So my thought is, those seemed to be full kegs for less than what...
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    Paint thinner?

    I have heard some people using champaigne yeast for their cider and the like, so I figured that I would use that... I also figured that I would use it for my hard lemonade and wine. All of it has an off rubbery flavor and I don't understand it. Is it because of the yeast? The stuff is like...
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    Is this right?

    OK... I just racked my first gallon jug of wine to the secondary and it has an off rubbery taste. Heck, the stuff tastes like drinking turpentine. :drunk: My question is this... it has been 10 days. What kind of flavor should a wine have after that long? I grant that I used concentrate (just...
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    Just to ask...

    There is no chance that anyone in the Houston area is just giving away 6.5 gallon glass carboys, is there? Two?
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    Brewing non-alcoholic drinks like Ginger Ale?

    Wasn't sure where to post this but here we go... I have heard that you can brew your own ginger ale at home. My question is... every recipe I see calls for yeast... but wouldn't that make alcohol? My wife LOVES the natural ginger ale, and if I could make some then it begins to justify this...
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    For Parties...

    Just out of curiosity... You know those cermaic water dispensers? Well, if you were going to have a party and put some of your homebrew on tap (beer/cider/hard lemonade/etc), would it be a problem to just grab one of those, stick the glass carboy on it, and deliver the stuff directly on tap like...
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    Any idea why new posts is broken so often?

    Every now and then (like now), I click New Posts and it brings me to an error page. It will do that for some time then, the next day, or some hours later, or something... it will suddenly start working.
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    Windaria's First Label

    OK... last night, when I saw all the labels that everyone had, I figured that I would make my own, so here it is. My thought is that, since changing the label on a regular basis might be a pain, I may just label each bottle once, then put like a badge holder on the back and make a business card...
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    Out of morbid curiosity...

    Would anyone know how to make Extra Heavy Malagna? You know... the Manachevitz (sp) stuff that they serve at Jewish festivals at times?
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    What is DME?

    Just wondering, I see people mention it a lot, but what is DME?
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    Incase anyone in NC is looking for some good carboys... Less than $13 for 6.5 gallon ones, if you can negotiate to pick them up it could be VERY worth the cost.
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    <drops a pin>

    Man it is quiet around here...
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    <sniff> I see... beer lables only... leave out cider and wine people... <sniff>

    And here I thought we were spreading the love... but no... not general community, no... it goes in the beer forums. <sniff>
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    Not sure if this is the right place... but hard lemonade...

    OK... with 2 6 gallon hard ciders and 1 1 gallon cranberry/grape going, I figured I would try a hard lemonade, but use pink lemonade. Now, I figured the acid would be a problem, so I added some of that what... potassium carbonate, about 2 tbsp when all was said and done, because it kept foaming...
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    Insane idea... digestive enzymes?

    OK... I wasn't sure where to post this, as this could apply to cider/mead/beer/wine/whatever, and at the same time I am sure that this idea will sound so stupid/crazy as to be considered a drunken rambling, but I assure you I haven't had a drop yet today... so I figured to post here. Anyway...
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    Why can't I specify an avatar?

    I have an image located on a remote server that I tend to use for an avatar. I went to specify my avatar... but it won't let me. Any idea why not? Thanks!
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    Homebrew stores and Microbrews

    OK... for the most part it seems as if these two types of entities are on opposite sides of the spectrum, while both being in the same camp. That is, while both being alcohol-related, the two are sort of in competition. So my thought was this... wouldn't it be totally awesome if there was a...