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    first time cider questions

    thanks for the advice! two more questions. I already added the camden tablets to the cider so too late for that, so i figure ill let it sit til tomorrow anyway since i already added the stuff just to make sure all the wild yeasties are dead. However, the guy at my LHBS recomended i add some...
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    first time cider questions

    thanks for the quick response!
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    first time cider questions

    So I plan on making a cider for the first time today and I just had a couple of quick questions....sorry if they have been answered already on this forum I have read that it is important to dissolve the campden tablets in the cider and let it sit for some time. Is this necessesary, if so how...
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    bottle sanitation...

    i sanitize in the dishwasher...just set the temperature on high if you can
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    better head retention?

    thanks for the link. Bittering hops as head builders is an interesting point. But i was confused about this: "*Foaming cleaners and sanitizers. Detergents destroy beer foam even though they are foamy themselves. These compounds must be rinsed off of all brewing equipment." are they implying...
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    better head retention?

    I brewed this in early october and found it unimpressive until about a month ago when it fiinally hit its stride (booze mellowed and malt and hops really came through) and definately ranks as one of the best things ive ever done with my life:mug: The head is dense and thick and lasts all the way...
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    better head retention?

    what are some ways that people out there increase the head retention of their beers? I usually add a little bit of malted wheat to most of my beers, but i was wondering if there was anyting else that you could do. My IPA has the best head retention ive ever gotten and it didn't have any wheat...
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    crappy day of homebrewing

    well it was bound to happen eventually.... so i smashed my 6.5 gallon carboy this morning while i was wasthing it, glass everywhere, and no primary fermenter for the batch that is already on hte stove. Looking back, i should of rushed out to the LHBS and gotten another one, but i just figured...
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    New SUUUUUUPER Sweet Beer Store in Columbia, MD

    Apparently (its on the same website,) the same company also has another place in DC called the "Brickskellar," which boasts 1,000 types of bottled beer :cross: That place is on my list of places to check out! other Maryland brewers, hell yeah! anyway, dont let 'em talk you out...
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    recomend a good Bitter/ESB?

    So im brewing a Red Tale Ale clone this weekend, and after that i am thinking of doing a i bitter of some sort. Anyone out there care to recomend a good extract recipe? Im looking for something nice and balanced with a good traditional british hop presence. Thanks for your input!
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    Favorite bands of all time....

    glad to see some other Grateful brewers out there.... cool thread topic, by the way
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    Weizenbock question

    most wheat extract is actually a mix of wheat and malt already. with the weizenbock i brewed a few months ago, i just used a pound or two of DME to boost the gravity a bit. looking at your grains, i might recomend a bit of chocolate malt too, which i believe is appropriate for the style. one...
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    When does beer stop tasting "green"?

    yup i have also noticed this phenomenon.
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    When does beer stop tasting "green"?

    ive noticed that certain beers definately taste better, if not green, then at least very fresh. other beers dont come into their own for several months. i think alot of this depends on a combination of the recipe and the ABV. But i usually wait at least 2 weeks before drinking.....if i can...
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    Do professional breweries ever use extract?

    yeah i guess that makes sense, extract is definately more expensive
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    Do professional breweries ever use extract?

    I was just wondering whether malt extract was ever used by professional breweries or is really just a homebrewer thing? just something ive been curious about....
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    Homebrew Clubs (Baltimore!)

    So how many people out there are homebrew club members? never been to one but i kind of wanna check it out. I like the idea of talkin with other homebrewers, and especially gettin some non biased feedback from people who know way more about brewing than I do. What are peoples experiences with...
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    Special B Malt, how much?

    i agree, it has a very strong presence. Last beer i made had a 1/4 pound of it and it is VERY noticeable. A comercial beer that i think displays the special B raisinyness is Corsendonk Brown from belgium if can get your hands on a bottle, im sure there are others, but this does have a very...
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    Which recipe? Help me decide please!

    +1 for the saaz. I did one with all hallertauer and it came out very good. Also, thats alot of honey so it may ferment pretty dry, but that could be a good thing. I know i only used a half pound in mine, but i know that next time i try it i plan to use a full pound.