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    Easiest way to purge hops with CO2 using a Fermentasaurus

    I have recently been hopping (and especially dry hopping) a lot heavier and have noticed that the flavours I get are not like I might expect. They are not fully oxidised but I am starting to thing that I am introducing too much oxygen when dry hopping. I use a fermentasaurus conical fermenter...
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    Gravity measurement equipment

    Is there any consensus on the best way to measure OG? I have 2 cheapish hydrometers and a refractometer (also inexpensive) and I regularly get different measurements from all three! Not massively different but it would be nice to have more certainty. I find hydrometers easiest to use so if...
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    Increasing concentration of wort

    I have a friend who loves the beer I make and has asked me to make him some for his wedding. It doesn't have to be masses but at the mo I only make 5g batches. I like small batch usually as I can make lots of different styles so don't really want to invest in lots of extra kit. I want to...
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    Rough estimate of yeast primary.

    I have just put a California common in primary 5 days ago. I used yeast I recycled from a previous batch and ramped up the yeast with a three stage starter as I was really paranoid about having enough yeast.... after 5 days it is down to 1.008 I was hoping to stop at 1.014ish... It was a pale...
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    Secondary fermentation question

    I am brewing a pale ale with Danstar Nottingham yeast. It has been in primary for one week and smells a bit sulphurous (it was very sulphurous) and is near the target fg. I am away for a couple of weeks in a couple of days and don't want to bottle as I think time might help the sulphur smell...
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    Should STC temperature probe be in beer or in fermentation fridge?

    I use an STC thermostat to control the temperature of and old fridge which I use to ferment my beer. I have always wrapped the temperature probe around a shelf in the fridge but recently realised that the temperature of my beer might not be the same especially when fermentation is at its most...
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    Cool box tap location.

    I am planning on building a cool box mash tun using a 25l coleman type box. I plan to fit a mesh false bottom which fits snugly into place. All the projects I have seen place the drain tap in the side wall- I wondered if it would help flow if the tap was in the bottom of the box instead? If I...