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    Too much bicarbonate in water

    I moved to a new place and had no idea what was in the water. I knew it was from springs and a well and tasted good. I brewed a hoppy IPA and added a small amount of Gypsum as a guess. After brewing, I got some info from the State as to what is in the water. It's pretty soft.... CaSO4-12 Ca- 45...
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    Blending Beers

    I took a brief seminar from Randy Scorby, a grandmaster judge, and past national homebrew champ. Among other things he talked about blending beers. I've tried it a few times now, mostly playing with kegs of beers that I thought were failures (not contaminated though). Recently I did a red IPA...
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    Star san and chlorinated water

    I've been brewing for 8 years and used star san most of the time. I've had no problems. When I mixed it with tap water is was clear with bit of foam, and would foam when shaken. Their website says it is still good after it gets cloudy from usage. Before the last two brews, I noticed that the...
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    Sonnet golding hops for czech lager?

    I just brewed a split batch of lager/ale using Sonnet Golding (4.2%) hops. I bought a pound at a great price. It is supposed to be Saaz heritage. It smells great and is a bit more floral than the "noble" hops. I did four hop additions totaling 11.5 ounces. I may dry hop if it seems needed. I...
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    Dry hopping Ger Pils?

    I got distracted during the end of my brew day. A moose was eating my spent grain just outside of the garage door. I brew with a manual HERMS system with propane so the door was wide open. I dumped the grain into a snowbank. I forgot my final hop addition. It was supposed to be 2 0z of Hallertau...
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    Krausening with a different yeast than the main batch?

    I just made a batch of Marzen lager. I used two different yeasts for the two fermenters. Saf23 that was fresh saved in one fermenter and two sachets of Saf 34/70 lager yeast in the other. I just read an article in Zymurgy about Krausening lagers and want to give it a try. I set aside 1.5 liters...
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    IPA vs IPL- Can I split a batch?

    I was going to try an India Pale Lager. If I take a successful citrusy IPA recipe and split the batch before putting it in the fermenter, can I make 1/2 IPA and one of IPL? I get perfect temps for both during winter in different parts of my house. Of course the pitch rates would be different and...
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    What has this got to do with beer?

    Homebrew talk is filling up with topics that have nothing to do with brewing. It's getting difficult to screen the spam from brewing info. I've seen stuff about cheese, pizza, football, farting, movies and who knows what. I like all of those things but choose to go to Homebrew talk for beer...
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    Is oxiclean suitabable for brew equipment?

    I have a relatively new HERMS setup. Cleanup is worse than ever. PBW works well but is up to $12 for a small container. Oxiclean is about 1/5 the price. Oxiclean works great for crusty yeast in fermenters, even carboys. I have never detected any soapy taste in subsequent batches. If I recirc...
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    oxygen got into keg. Does it improve or get worse with time.

    I was kegging and not paying attention and the tube started sucking air into the wort. Will it get better or worse with time?
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    Accidently pitched 2 yeasts into fermenter

    I was having a normal brew day but using my upgraded HERMS system for the first time. (Alt-bier) I had an equipment failure that was stessfull, right when I needed to chill. I got the wort chilled to 58 degrees but in the jury rigging confusion, I pitched two different yeasts into the same...
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    Mash out or stepped mash rest with HERMS questions

    I'm using a newly built HERMS system with 3 keggles- HLT, Mashtun and BK. I have propane burners under all three and lots of heat capacity. My recirculation works well but to do a a mash out, it seems like it takes to long to get the HLT/recirc tank hot enough to get a mash out temperature. If I...
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    Estery taste in Munich Helles

    Hi: I brewed my first Munich Helles from a borrowed award winning Homebrew recipe. I fermented at 52F, exactly as Lallemand Diamond lager yeast recommended. The ferment went well as predicted. I did a three day diacetyl rest at 64F. When the ferment stopped and the yeast dropped, I cold crashed...
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    Rehydrating Lallemand Diamond Lager yeast

    Hi: I'm about to try a Munich Helles. The instructions for rehydrating on the packages and on their website are different and Palmer's book is another version. It sounds like this is more critical for lagers than ales. Lallemand does not recommend a starter and I like simple methods. Can anyone...
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    Hop utilization and flavor

    I have a Rye IPA in the fermenters that is down to final gravity. I'm waiting for some Citra leaf to be delivered for my dry hop. What is the consensus on dry hopping into the fermenters vs. in the keg for best flavor? I have Speidel fermenters so dry hopping in the fermenter is easy.
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    Does a slow start give a good final result?

    I just did a 3 carboy batch of India Red Ale. I used saved yeast from previous batches. Two of Saf 05 and one Nottingham. The Notty was two months old and probably a bit underpitched according to "Mr Malty." The two 05 batches started within 8 hours and look normally vigorous. The Notty carboy...
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    Why are my growlers always flat?

    Even after well-carbonating my Corny kegs, if I fill a growler to take with me to a friend's house, the beer is always flat and tastes like nothing. I'm talking clean growlers with tightly fitting caps. I have brought growler beer home from brew pubs and it always seems to travel and keep...
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    Add new wort to old yeast cake?

    I saw someone refer to adding new wort to an old yeast cake. I have wondered if I could siphon off my beer for kegging and then add a new batch on top the same day to save all of that cleaning and sanitizing. How about using some sterile water to wash away part of the yeast cake to avoid...
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    Weird growth in tap spout

    I have been using a used Tru Keggerator for about 6 months. It is great but there is always something new to learn. I was getting a musty off-flavor for the first couple of ounces each time that I poured if it sat for a few hours. Then the beer started to spray out of the spout instead of pour...
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    Mixing yeast?

    I have had more than one occasion where I considered mixing yeast strains. Right now I have two carboys full of Red Roggenbier (rye) pitched with Safale 05 and a third one pitched with Nottingham. One of the Safale and the Notty a have a nice ferment going with a healthy krausen and one is...