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    Secondary regulator issues

    So another day, another test. The secondaries held 10 psi for a good 9 hours yesterday. When I awoke this morning we were down to nothing again. I called my keg supply contact again and we determined (via krazydave's advice) that until we get a keg hooked up the gas is most likely leaking from...
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    Secondary regulator issues

    So I turned the primary up to 40 psi and purged the line by pushing in the pin at the bottom of the quick disconnect. My secondaries shot right up to 10 psi and held. I left everything overnight and when I got up this morning to check, sure enough the first regulator had dropped to almost...
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    Secondary regulator issues

    The kegerator isn't even turned on yet. I just want to get a baseline. I turned up the primary to 40 psi and set the secondaries to 10 psi. Once everything was pressurized I shut off the tank and the primary regulator feed. I let it sit and after approximately an hour I noticed that the...
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    Co2 Leak in Keezer

    I'm having a similar issue with my setup: However, my primary holds solid at 21 psi. I think in both cases there is a leak somewhere. Just have to find it.
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    Secondary regulator issues

    I purchased a Haeir kegerator off of craigslist a few weeks ago complete with 5 lb CO2 tank. I wanted to add a few more kegs to my setup so I purchased a secondary regulator from Micromatic along with a 3-tap tower. I installed the secondary regulator with approximately 2.5 feet of hose between...
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    Is Beer tools right on this?

    I just brewed a Vienna Lager with .3 lbs and it smelled sweeter than all get out so a pound and a half just seems like sugary suicide to me.
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    Starter doesn't appear to be doing anything

    Patience and time are two of the best tools for any brewer.
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    5 gal. or 3 gal. boil better?

    There was an article in Brew Your Own Magazine back in May 08 that discussed using olive oil instead of aeration. The author basically left it up to each individual brewer as to what is the best method. They both seem to have the same consistent numbers as far as yeast growth. Check it out...
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    need a little hepl.....AGAIN

    I say give it a few more days. Patience is a virtue when it comes to brewing...
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    Is Beer tools right on this?

    So I stopped by and talked to the friendly folks at St. Louis Wine and Beermaking and they helped me make sense of my existing stock, added a few things, and we decided on a Dunkelweizen recipe. I decided to run it through Beer Tools free Generator to get a better idea of things and here it is...
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    Need to re pitch...can I aereate again?
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    Irish moss?

    There was an article on Finings in this month's BYO. When I get home I'll post an update.
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    Need to re pitch...can I aereate again?

    Did you open it up and see if there is any krausen?
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    Most crucial time to keep temperature below 75 degrees?

    So if I manage to get a freezer in the next few days and re-pitch new yeast the brew should be fine?
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    Refrigerator or freezer?

    I'll use it for lagering. Just don't drink my brews often enough to warrant the expense of kegging my beer. I end up giving most of my brews away. good karma never hurt anyone.
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    Refrigerator or freezer?

    So I'm getting closer and closer to biting the bullet and getting either a refrigerator or freezer. I wanna know what you have and why your's is or isn't the best to have. On top of that, do I get an analog or digital controller?
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    Most crucial time to keep temperature below 75 degrees?

    I basically followed the same procedures as Brew Dude. Brewed on Friday night. Pitched the yeast at around 65-70. Then placed the whole thing in an ice bath. I used a bucket instead of a carboy and the suspense is killing me. No bubbles whatsoever in the airlock. Did I kill the yeast? Am...
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    Starter, Wyeast, Yeast nutrients?

    I just made a starter myself this past week so my experience and insight will be severely limited... The smack pack consists of the liquid nutrients--which I would assume contains essential sugars and possibly a bit of malt--and a little inner packet of yeast. I haven't always been the...
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    What do I do now?

    This was an extract recipe. I chilled the wort down to the upper 60's before I topped it off with 3 gallons of cold water so no worries there. I made sure the total 5 gallons sat in the cooler for 7 or 8 minutes before pitching.
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    What do I do now?

    Done. But in the excitement of doing my first ever lager I forgot to take a gravity reading. DOH! Oh well, in the end it'll still be drinkable (I hope).