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    BrewHardware Giveaway!

    Anybody seen my refractometer??
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    What are you drinking now?

    Deception Cream Stout which I have on tap. Stoudts American Pale Ale bottles in the fridge.
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    Upcoming Vendor Giveaway Sneak Peak

    Yikes! That's one mega prize.
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    Got 300 bucks should I ?

    Move to Pennsylvania. Your Carry Permit will run you $25 for 5 years with no loss of rights. As an aside, I was pulled over for speeding this summer and informed the state policeman that my registration and insurance card were in the glove compartment with my pistol and asked how he wanted me...
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    Go All Grain or Go Home?

    Piiiissshhhh....get back to me after you've mined your own ore. Who's going digging this weekend?? The Twitter Twit is just showing off his ignorance.
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    Taste question?

    Sounds to me like it's just young. Give it a few weeks in the bottle and I bet your Brown is fantastic.
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    Need some dry hopping advice

    Irene made the decision for me. I had the hops in the freezer with the intention of putting them in the keg this weekend. Since we lost power and they thawed, I decided to put them into the primary rather than re-freeze them. I'll keg this weekend and am looking forward to the results!
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    Free! Refrigerator with tap

    No. It's chilling mhenry41's brew now!
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    Need some dry hopping advice

    I can almost smell that just by looking at it! I'm leaning towards muslin bag and marbles in the keg to see what happens. I have the bag and I can steal the marbles from my kids when they're not looking.
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    Getting ready to keg - A little overwhelmed

    I like to set my fermenter on a shelf at siphoning height a few days before racking it into the keg. That way it re-settles. I figure the less sludge sucked into the keg, the better. I then put the keg in the fridge and set the gas to serving pressure. About a week to 10 days later it's ready...
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    Need some dry hopping advice

    Thanks for all the good advice. The only secondary I have is a carboy and that sounds like a problem. I suppose I could use my bottling bucket though. Dry hopping in the keg sounds intriguing. Scooby: do you put the hops in a weighted bag or just toss them in?
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    Need some dry hopping advice

    I have a batch of pale ale which is a week and a half in the fermenter. I plan to leave it there for four weeks. A friend of mine gave me some fresh hops from his vine which I'd like to use to dry hop this brew. I've never dry hopped so I'm curious about when I should add them. Or should I...
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Haus Pale Ale have been made?

    5 more this past weekend 3958. Question: at what point does it cease to be Ed Wort's? If I change the hop schedule a bit, does that do it? I'd say not. If I add some wheat malt to it, does that do it? Again, I'd say not. But I'm curious what others think would change it enough to ban it...
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    When is my brew ready to bottle

    Patience my friend! I routinely ferment four weeks or so. Your beer will not be harmed and will, in fact, be improved. Just because there are no bubbles does not mean there is no activity. I see that your question was more than adequately answered in the time it took me to type that! Brew on....
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    Cost of kegging

    Keep an eye on Craigslist. You can often find fridge's for next to nothing. About a year ago I bought a fridge, faucet, CO2 tank and couple odds and ends for $50. I recently upgraded the fridge for a newer one at $150. A friend picked up a couple cornies from a restaurant that was closing...