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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Samhain Pumpkin Ale

    @ JosephN Thanks for the reply and the sound advice. :) I really appreciate it.
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Samhain Pumpkin Ale

    Hi, just a qucik question. I found this recepie and like to brew it. Since pumpkin time is upon us my question is has anyone used fresh pumpkin for this beer and if yes which pumpkin type? TIA
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    october fest help

    Hi, here is the link to another discussion where I posted my recepie (Post #46): It is an easy recepie but I used lager yeast for it, since a Festbier is traditionally a lager. Although I brewed...
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    The Brew Stand Incredible Giveaway

    Count me in. :)
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    Orange Honey Wheat

    I can`t find the thread right now. But there war one concerning the use of honey malt and I think the overall opinion was that a little goes a long way because the honey malt can be overpowering. I don`t think that you will taste too much of the honey because it will just ferment away and...
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    First Recipe Crit- Sweet As Clone... sort of

    Hi, I never had this beer, but looking on the website it sounds delicious. One sidenote though, on the website it states that it has 18 IBU and you made the ale with 40 IBU. Did you do that on purpose and how do you think the outcome will be i.e. differ from the original? Cheers
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    Nelson Sauvin "wine"

    That sounds pretty interesting. On a side note I think you would be able to impart the flavor of the Nelson Sauvin in your beer if you do a "hop tea". I mean if you put the hop into hot (but not boiling) water so that the flavors will be in the solution but not the bitterness, i.e. the alpha...
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    Mandarina Bavaria

    I just looked shipping up on the DHL Homepage. Shipping to the US for up to 2 kg costs about EUR 16,00 (round about USD 22,00). But I agree UPS and FedEx charge horrendous rates for international shipping. Did you ever contact Daniel Laizure of
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    Mandarina Bavaria

    I think it depends how heavy the letter/package/parcel is. You are from Hamburg, Germany? If yes try to look it up on the webpage of the german postal service or DHL.
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    Mandarina Bavaria

    Try to contact Daniel at He is an American living in Germany and he might get the hops to you. Cheers
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    Brewing a hefeweizen (hefeweizen recipe)

    Hi, this is the recepie I used: IBU: 18 Gravity: 13P Color: 16,6 EBC Wheat Malt light 55,6% Munich Malt 40% Pilsner Malt 4,4% Oatflakes: 220g Hops: Saphir 4,9% Alpha 70% at 70 Min. 30% at 10 Min. Mash in at: 45 degrees C Rest at 45 degrees C for 15 Rest at 63 degrees C...
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    German Hefe Help

    @JackRussel: I compared my Hefe to a Paulaner last night (I had to drink both beers, its a hard life but somebody has to do it :)) and took two pictures. The first two pictures show the Paulaner (first without flashlight, second with flashlight) and the third and fourth picture show my own brew...
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    German Hefe Help

    I used Belgian Malt called "Chateau Munich" 22-27 EBC (8.8-10.7 Lovibond) of Castle Malting ( Unfortunatly I can`t describe the difference to a Hacker of Paulaner since I didn`t have them side by side. If I don`t forget I might be able to pick up some and then taste them...
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    German Hefe Help

    @JackRussel and peterj: Nope. I just rechecked my records and I brewed it this way. It tasted delicious (not only to me but my friends said so either, mind I didn`t even drank most of it :)).
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    German Hefe Help

    That is correct, but if one goes into a pub/bar in Germany (at least in Northern Germany) and orders a "Hefe" one will get a "Hefeweizen", because "Hefe" in relation to ordering a beer is short for "Hefeweizen". But as podz mentioned, in order to brew a "Hefeweizen" you have to use at least...
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    German Hefe Help

    Hi, in a classic german Hefeweizen you wouldn`t find any citrus flavors (so that would mean a no go for most american hops which impart those flavors). I would suggest using traditional german hops. I myself latetly brewed an all-grain Hefeweizen using saphir hop from the Hallertauer. But...