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    The last straw bottle filler

    Has anyone bought this yet? It looks very promising and easy to use. I just don't want to spend $80 (assuming I'll wait for one of the many 20% off sales) on it if it's not worth it.
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    Dry hopped wrong, is it salvageable?

    Hi everyone, I tried dry hopping for my first time and clearly made a first timer mistake, I put the dry hops in when I pitched the yeast, yesterday afternoon. What should I do??? Thanks!
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    Adjustments going to a sparge from a full volume mash

    Hi everyone, I've read pages and pages of discussions but I haven't found an answer that helps me. I did my first BIAB last weekend with 9 lbs of pilsner. I only have a 9 gallon kettle so with the full volume, I had only about 3/4 of an inch to the top. I ended up with a 64% pre-boil efficiency...
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    Aging in Keg?

    I want to use my keg as my secondary to age the beer a little longer, not really to clear the beer. When I keg it, should I only pressurize the keg and take it off the tank? Or should I carbonate the beer? Does it matter either way when it comes to just aging the beer?
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    Extra boil time

    I'm in the process of brewing a Belgian trippel and I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to boil longer due to volume bring too high. Do I just take the hops out after 60 minutes and keep going? Or do I leave them in?
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    2 starters 1 batch

    I'm going to be doing a strong belgian ale and I've never done a starter before. I don't have a large enough jar to do a 2L starter. I am wondering if this will be the same as doing a 2L starter. Can I do two 1L starters with half the liquid yeast into each starter? Feel free to tell me I'm...
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    Big Beer Boil Water

    Hello everyone, I'm doing my first big beer (Belgian Trippel extract) with a OG target of about 1.090. My question is since I'll be adding so many fermentables, it seems that would increase the water pot volume more than a regular beer when the extracts are added. The recipe is for 6 gallons...
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    Cleaning wine bottles

    If you forget to rinse out a wine bottle after using it and let it sit for a while, potentially growing mold on the little wine in the bottle, should I still reuse it? If I let it soak in a cleaner and scrub it, is it still good? I've read on a couple websites that once there is mold just to...
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    First beer, look right?

    HI everyone, just finished my first beer, a LME lunar wit. Does everything look ok here? Didn't expect these floating things on top, but I've never seen one after fermentation. I did just keg it and it seems to taste like a warm flat belgian, not bad.
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    Doubling my cleaning?

    I'm obviously a newbie asking this question, but I'm not sure if I'm wasting cleaning supplies and wasting time. After I'm done with a bucket or carboy, I always clean it using B-Brite to keep it from getting gunky. If I use that bucket or carboy a week later, I will then clean it again and then...
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    Is my wine garbage now?

    Doing my first wine, a Winexpert White Merlot. When I was degassing, I was using a paddle type tool and did not keep it in the wine completely the entire time. It caused lots and lots of whipping on the top of the wine, which is occurring to me probably caused some pretty bad oxidation? Is it...
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    First wine help!!

    Hi everyone, looking for a little help. I am doing my first wine, a winexpert white merlot. The instructions say at day 5-7, check the sg to see if it's below 1.010, if so, rack to carboy for another ten days and then check to see if it's below .996 before moving on. I just checked it after day...