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    Tilt Pi to Multiple URL's?

    can you explain how you did it?
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    Stastical Analysis of Winning NEIPA Recipes

    Latest video is up! Check it out.
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    Statstical Analysis of Winning Festbier recipes

    Yes we still do a protein rest on Weyermann floor malted. I understand the argument but can't argue the results. Hesitant to change the process on our fest! Thanks! Latest video is up.
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    Statstical Analysis of Winning Festbier recipes

    Latest video is up! Meanbrews
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    Belgian Tripel Tripel Karmeliet Clone

    WLP 720 is a hoegarden strain used in their grand cru. White labs just selected it as a mead strain because it makes good sweet mead as well. I love this strain and use it in my Trappist singles and Belgian blonds as well with great success.
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    Belgian Tripel Tripel Karmeliet Clone

    Which yeast are you referring to?
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    Texas Registration Open: Operation Fermentation VII

    Registration is now open for all Beers and Meads! Register now to be assured a spot in the competition. Our 2019 competition filled in 45 hours. Every gold medal winner receives a custom 14oz Goblet embossed with the 2021 Opferm logo. Each goblet will be etched with the winning category of...
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    Texas Operation FermentationVII

    Account Registration is now open for Operation Fermentation VII. This competition is a part of the Lone Star Circuit. Full rules and dates are at the webpage linked below.
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    American Barleywine MCAB Qualifying American Barleywine Recipe

    Here's a video on how I developed this recipe: Grainbill 81.3 % Pale Malt, Maris Otter (3.0 SRM) 7.6 % Munich I (Weyermann) (7.1 SRM) 2.5 % Caramel/Crystal Malt - 40L (40.0 SRM) 2.5 % Caramel/Crystal Malt - 60L (60.0 SRM) 1.9 % Caramel/Crystal Malt -120L (120.0 SRM) 1.0 % Special B Malt...
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    Learn how to make a Rye IPA

    There will be a separate series where I plan to brew these in the future. Martin Keen is going to brew some of the recipes in the Homebrew Challenge as well!
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    Learn how to make a Rye IPA

    We've uploaded our latest video which explores 11 winning recipes for Rye IPA and distills down the key variables for successfully making this style. Have a look and give me your feedback! Thanks!
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    Texas Single Style Pro-Am Competition in Texas

    The Cane Island Alers single style pro-am competition for NEIPA is now open for Registration of accounts. July 10th entry registration will begin. Link to the site is Special Operations
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    Statistical Analysis of Brewing Recipes

    I've started a youtube channel where I analyze the recipes of medal winning beers where the recipe has been published. I'd appreciate your feedback if you have any!
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    Belgian Tripel Tripel Karmeliet Clone

    I see you're in greece. I would use flaked oats instead of malted. the licorice comes from the root of the plant. not sure how else you could get this. I do fine the licorice brings a sweetness to the beer that cannot be replicated.
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    Belgian Tripel Tripel Karmeliet Clone

    I don't recommend golden naked oats. Look for Fawcett Oat Malt. I did a step mash, 15 min @137, 30 min at 144, 30 min @ 154. use clear candi sugar or simplicity syrup. do NOT use star anise. Use licorice root. Licorice Root - 2 oz | MoreBeer
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    Belgian Tripel Tripel Karmeliet Clone

    oh and if you click on the untappd link there are lots of pictures of the beer. Still hazy. Biofine couldn't clear it up!
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    Belgian Tripel Tripel Karmeliet Clone

    This is the one that won Operation Fermentation in Texas, and it was modified to brew the commercial batch. Here's the link to the 15 Barrel version brewed with Great Heights on Untappd: It's currently holding...
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    Belgian Tripel Tripel Karmeliet Clone

    Anyone who lives in Houston that would like to try a scaled up version (some tweaks) of this recipe, I won a pro am and brewed 15 barrels of it with Great Heights brewing which will debut on the 17th of November at their first anniversary party. The beer name is Triple Secret Probation so see...
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    doh! first brew failure [placing bag over head]

    Sound like you just have a vigorous fermentation. Wheats are notorious for having large Krausens. Because all your primary fermentation is basically expelling gasses and foam, its difficult to get contamination during this stage of brewing. I'd try to take off the lid and hydrolock, sanitize...
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    Secondary white stuff....??

    Hello, I'm currently brewing my 2nd batch (a kolsch recipe I found on the net) and I'm noticing something that Looks very similar. I'll attach a picture to show you what I'm talking about. I guess from everyone's response this is OK?