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    Illinois Unibrau All In One System

    Hey All, Looking to sell a BrauSupply Unibrau All In One eBIAB system. Below is the product link to what I am selling: I will have pictures posted tomorrow afternoon. I'm looking to get $1000. I've brewed on the...
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    Missouri For Sale: Fermentasaurus Conical Fermenter - 9.25g

    Hi all, I recently bought a freezer to use as my fermentation chamber and unfortunately, my fermentasaurus does not fit in it. I thought the dimensions were correct but I was wrong and I really don't want to return a freezer. The fermentasaurus does have a cosmetic issue, it got a little curb...
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    Missouri Bru Gear Kettle, Kegerator, Hydra Chiller FS

    Hi guys, I don't have much time to brew anymore so I have many items that I no longer use. This is probably the first batch of items for sale. I'll be selling off the rest when I get a chance to take pictures of all of it. Pictures are linked in imgur album.
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    ISO: Velvet Merkin, Proprietors, BCS Variants FT: Lots

    Here's what I have to trade: FSW16 Side Project Saison du Ble (be ready to pony up Proprietors) 4 Hands Volume 1 (incredible bourbon aged beer) 2x 2012 BCBS 2012 Schlafly Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout As a side note, I have access to lots of great breweries including Prairie (currently...
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    ISO: Temptation

    I've got quite a bit to trade. Ill post a list tomorrow. I'm located in St. Louis so if you have it and are interested you can look at seekabrew. I'm looking for other RR sours as well. I intend to try all of them as a birthday present to myself at the beginning of October. Quite a few of the...
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    ISO: TH HandFarm, RR Temptation H: A Variety of Beers

    H: FSW 16 Black Butte 25 BA Boris BA Old Rasputin Schlafly Offerings (Pumpkin just released) Perennial Offerings (Peach Berliner Weisse just released) 4 Hands (Prussia Berliner Weisse is out now, Grapefruit Prussia is releasing soon, and I can probably get my hands on more Vol. 1 which is...
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    FT: Doom, Clown Shoes, FSW16 ISO: RR Sours, HF, Pipeworks

    FT: Founders Doom Bells Hopslam (bottled 01/13) Clown Shoes Luchadore En Fuego Clown Shoes Vampire Slayer Firestone Walker 16 Dark Horse Single Hop Crooked Trees (I feel the need to share these) ISO: FFF Dark Lord Huna Russian River Sours (already have Supplication/Consecration) Pipeworks -...
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    xMalachi's Two Tap Keezer Build

    Hey guys, I bought a GE 5.0 cubic ft. freezer several months ago and have been using it as a fermentation chamber. I'm getting ready to convert it over to a keezer and find an alternative fermentation chamber. I plan to put two taps into the keezer. Below are pictures of the freezer and the...
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    Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout

    Hi guys, I've searched around for this a bit but couldn't find any results. I picked up the ingredients for Yooper's Oatmeal Stout and I was considering adding PB2 as well as some cocoa powder at ~5 mins. First, am I going to impart the flavors that I want as well as the smell at 5 mins? Second...
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    FT: FFF, Clown Shoes, GI BCBS ISO: Heady Topper, Pliny, Sours, Your Local Beer

    Hey guys, I'm looking to help one of you out that had no chance at getting GI BCBS. I bought an extra 4-pk for the specific purpose to trade. Below is my list of brews that I have for trade. FFF - Gumballhead (3 bottles), Zombie Dust (2x6pk), Robert the Bruce (4 bottles) 4pk Goose Island...
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    Looking for delicious beer

    Hey guys, I'm looking for Heady Topper currently. I've got access to Arcadia, Bells, Founders, Schlafly, O'Fallon Brewing, Rogue, Dark Horse, Clown Shoes, Jolly Pumpkin, Perrenial and various other breweries. Basically, let me know what you want and I'll try to get it to trade. I'm on my phone...
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    Pumpkin Beer Additions

    I purchased NB's Smashing Pumpkin kit and I'm deliberating on if I want to add anything. I've seen multiple threads concerning pumpkin ales but haven't seen many people's impressions after they've finished their brew. Based on everything I read here are my thoughts: Take 60oz of Libby's...
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    Incoming Noob with Questions and Pictures

    Today was brew day! I have to say that it was an enjoyable experience. I purchased an extract kit from my LHBS and the necessary equipment to start brewing. The kit I purchased was a Brewer's Best American Pale Ale. The experience of brewing was quite like that of drinking beer. The aroma of the...