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    Best way to clean inside of Better Bottle?

    I've used a Better Bottle for my last few batches, and haven't had too much trouble cleaning it out since I have a spray wand but this last batch must've left some extra stubborn kraussen. Does anyone have any good tips for removing this? I soaked it overnight in water, but that didn't help...
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    OG significantly low for Blue Moon clone

    Hello everyone - yesterday I attempted to make the Blue Moon clone kit from AHS and it looks like my OG reading is significantly low. The recipe calls for an expected OG of 1.048, however mine was closer to 1.038. This is only my 4th batch of beer I've tried to make, but this is the first time...
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    Anyone tried Blue Moon clone from AHS?

    Hello everyone - just wondering if anyone has tried the Blue Moon clone kit from Austin HomeBrew Supply? I ordered it this weekend, so I'll be giving it a try in the next week or two. How'd it turn out? Did you make a starter, or just pitch the liquid yeast right in? Thanks for the...
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    Opinions on PET bottles?

    Can some of the more experienced members here post their opinions on using PET bottles instead of glass? I still think it's a bit odd to drink beer out of a plastic bottle, but perhaps they're worth it. Potential advantages I can think of are: 1.) Easier to handle/transport than glass...
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    Correct formula for calculating ABV?

    It seems like there are several different formula's floating around which allow you to calculate the ABV - some more complicated than others. The simplest one I've seen is: ABV = (OG-FG) * 131 Just wondering if that's the "HBT approved" formula, or if there's another one? Thanks!
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    How does headspace relate to carbination level (when using priming sugar)?

    At the risk of asking a dumb question, can someone explain HOW carbonation works? I'm talking about when using priming sugar, not forced carbonation. The reason I'm asking is because I just bottled my first batch of beer two weeks ago - being overly paranoid about the bottles exploding, I left...
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    Do you REALLY save any money by brewing your own beer?

    I know the primary reason to get into homebrewing shouldn't be to save a few bucks on beer. But that's one of the frequent "advantages" I hear, and it doesn't really seem any cheaper. One website I visited even said it's possible to brew a 5 gallon batch of beer for $10-12... maybe 10 years...
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    Yet another hydrometer question...

    I'm guessing my first batch of beer is about done fermenting, but I need to take a few hydrometer readings to confirm this. I picked up a Wine Thief which advertises that you can use a hydrometer inside of it, but when testing it out the hydrometer leans against the side of the Wine Thief since...
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    Best method for cleaning & sanitizing bottles?

    Hello all - I'm sure this has been covered before, but whats the best/easiest method for preparing bottles for bottling the beer? I read somewhere to simply put the bottles in the dishwasher, add a capful of bleach and run on the hottest cycle. Can it be this simple? I bought Star San which...
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    Advice needed: Better Bottles, Wine Thief, and air lock activity

    Hello all - here's a few more questions for you while I'm waiting for my first batch to finish fermenting: 1.) It seems like the comments on this site are universally positive for the Better Bottle products. However, I went to the LHBS and the comments I heard for the BBs were almost...
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    First attempt & questions

    Well, I finally bought all the necessary equipment and took the time yesterday to get a batch of ale going. I definetly made some mistakes along the way, so here's a few questions for future reference: 1.) I used 3 gallons of water in the pot to make the wort, and added another 2 to top it...
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    Question about refrigeration

    Hello all, I'm new to homebrewing and have a few questions. I've read all about temperature being critical during fermentation, so I was thinking about buying a small fridge along with a temperature controller to ensure the temperature will remain steady for brewing ales/lagers. My questions...